Suspect faces 5 charges, including battery of peace officer


FARMINGTON — A Farmington man is accused of resisting arrest and punching a deputy in the face after trespassing on a property while looking for a Wi-Fi signal.

Adrian Head, 20, was arrested Wednesday afternoon and faces five charges, including a fourth-degree felony count of battery upon a peace officer, according to court records.

He is accused of punching a deputy for the San Juan County Sheriff's Office in the face while resisting arrest in the Crouch Mesa area, according to the probable cause statement.

Head did not have legal representation this morning when he made his first appearance in Aztec Magistrate Court.

Deputies were dispatched around 2:30 p.m. Wednesday to a residence on County Road 5582 in the Crouch Mesa area on a report of a man trespassing and walking around the home of a woman.

The woman reporting the alleged incident gave a description of a man later identified as Head, who deputies spotted crossing a nearby road. Head told deputies he was at the property trying to find a Wi-Fi signal.

While deputies spoke to Head, he allegedly gave an incorrect name and was observed hesitating when prompted for his birthday, according to court documents.

A deputy attempted to detain Head for concealing his identity, but he allegedly jerked his hands away and attempted to flee the scene.

Head is accused of resisting arrest several times before being detained in the back of a patrol vehicle and was tased by a stun gun deployed by a deputy, according to court documents.

While resisting, Head is accused of punching a deputy on the bottom of the chin with a closed fist

At one point, Head allegedly fled from police while handcuffed, and deputies chased him until he tripped and fell to the ground.

He was incarcerated at the San Juan County Adult Detention Center today on a $500 cash at 10 percent bond, according to court records.

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