FARMINGTON — A Farmington woman is under investigation following allegations she stole a puppy from the Farmington Regional Animal Shelter.

The Farmington Police Department is seeking a warrant to charge a 53-year-old woman with a misdemeanor count of larceny after she allegedly stole the puppy from the shelter on Saturday, according to police spokeswoman Georgette Allen.

An animal shelter employee conducting a morning check Sunday noticed the puppy was missing. The police were contacted, Allen said.

Farmington police will not identify the suspect unless charges have been filed.

A review of security video shows the woman opening a cage in one of the puppy rooms, putting the puppy in her jacket and walking off, according to Allen.

The puppy was returned this morning.

The woman was identified after Farmington police posted about the incident on its Facebook page, which included a photo of the woman with her two siblings, Allen said. 

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