Families reunite after Aztec High School shooting leaves two students, shooter dead

Matt Hollinshead,
Mike Atwood and Shannon Atwood, comfort their sons, Coltyn Atwood, in gray, and Caidyn Atwood, both freshmen at Aztec High School, on Thursday at McGee Park Convention Center after a shooting at the school.

FARMINGTON — Parents draped their arms around their children at the McGee Park Convention Center hours after today’s shooting at Aztec High School.

Just after 11 a.m., students lined up by grade, going by last name in alphabetical order to reunite with their loved ones.

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Students and parents waited anxiously to be able to hold each other.

Shannon Atwood said she was thankful her two sons, freshmen Coltyn Atwood and Caidyn Atwood, were OK.

It was an emotional time for families, still in shock over what happened just hours earlier.

“I heard gunshots and screaming,” Caidyn Atwood said. “They just said, ‘there’s a lockdown, and this is not a drill.’ It was the scariest moment of my life.”

Volunteers hand out water bottles to families of Aztec High School students Thursday at the McGee Park Convention Center in Farmington after a fatal shooting at the school.

After being moved to Aztec City Hall, students were transported to McGee Park by bus to be with their families.

Volunteers are distributing food and water to students and their families. Counselors are also on site.

Friday classes at Aztec High were cancelled.

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