Bloomfield resident charged with felony armed robbery

Police say Olson Tsosie threatened Walmart employees with knife

Megan Petersen
Farmington Daily Times
  • Olson Tsosie was released from custody earlier this month for a larceny conviction.
  • Tsosie was arrested after being confronted for shoplifting on Nov. 25 at Walmart on West Main Street.
  • Police apprehended Tsosie with a police dog after he resisted arrest on a bicycle.
Olson Tsosie

FARMINGTON — A Bloomfield resident faces felony and misdemeanor charges after allegedly shoplifting from a store, threatening employees with a knife and evading the police.

Olson Tsosie, a 24-year-old Bloomfield resident, allegedly pulled an open-blade knife on Walmart employees who confronted him for shoplifting around 10 p.m. on Nov. 25 at the 1400 W. Main St. location, according to the complaint. Tsosie allegedly shoplifted a coat and tie, as well as a bottle of alcohol — a total of $49.44 in stolen merchandise.

When two Walmart employees confronted him as he walked through the store’s front doors, Tsosie refused to return the items and reached into his right pocket for the knife, which he pointed at the employees, according to the complaint. The employees backed off, and Tsosie mounted a bicycle and rode away. The knife fell out of his pocket as he fled, and police recovered the knife from the scene after Tsosie’s arrest.

Police spotted Tsosie riding his bicycle through a parking lot heading toward West Murray Drive toward the Bisti Highway and attempted to pull him over with lights and sirens. Tsosie evaded the police by riding his bike through parking lots before he was apprehended by a police dog in the parking lot of a Giant convenience store on Broadway Avenue, according to the complaint.

Paramedics treated Tsosie at the scene for a wound from the police dog on his right hand, and police allegedly found the shoplifted coat, tie and bottle of alcohol — as well as a black pipe typically used to smoke illegal narcotics — in Tsosie’s possession, the complaint states.

Tsosie was transported to the San Juan Regional Medical Center’s emergency room for treatment for the injury to his right hand, where he began yelling and disturbing the peace of other patients in the emergency room, according to the complaint. Despite several warnings, Tsosie allegedly continued and became more aggressive by kicking over a tray table.

He was released from the hospital and transported to the San Juan County Detention Center without further incident, according to the complaint.

Police seized Tsosie’s bicycle, which had none of the required lighting equipment, after his arrest.

Tsosie was charged with one felony count of armed robbery, one misdemeanor count of resisting an officer, one misdemeanor count of possession of drug paraphernalia, one petty misdemeanor count of disturbing the peace and one petty misdemeanor count of operating a bicycle without lamps or other equipment, according to court documents.

This is the second time Tsosie has been arrested on armed or aggravated burglary charges. He was charged with one felony charge of aggravated burglary, one felony charge of larceny and one felony charge of breaking and entering in Farmington-Aztec District Court after a May 2016 incident. He also plead guilty to a petty misdemeanor charge of larceny Farmington Magistrate Court for a June 2017 incident, and he was released from jail on Nov. 7, according to court records.

Tsosie was in custody Friday at the San Juan County Adult Detention Center, according to Lt. Vance McCullough, and he will appear in Farmington Magistrate Court for a preliminary examination at 8:30 a.m. Wednesday.

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