Farmington man accused of spraying cop with gasoline

Suspect is also accused of attempted arson, aggravated assault

Joshua Kellogg
Farmington Daily Times
  • Raymond Mayes faces 12 charges, including seven felony counts.
  • Officers were dispatched on reports of a man pouring gasoline around a vehicle at a Farmington residence.
  • Mayes' preliminary hearing is set for 8:30 a.m. Wednesday in Farmington Magistrate Court.
Raymond Mayes


FARMINGTON — A Farmington man is facing a dozen charges and is accused of spraying a police officer with gasoline after the suspect allegedly tried to burn a vehicle.

Raymond Mayes, 43, faces 12 charges, including three felony counts of aggravated assault upon a peace officer, three felony counts of battery upon a police officer, three misdemeanor counts of resisting an officer and a felony count of attempted arson, according to the criminal complaint.

Mayes did not have legal representation as of this afternoon.

He has another case pending in district court. Mayes faces 17 felony counts of forgery in the case set for a one-day jury trial on Dec. 13 in Aztec District Court, according to court records.

Officers for the Farmington Police Department were dispatched at 7:51 p.m. on Sunday to a residence in the 2100 block of North Mesa Verde Avenue on reports of a man pouring gasoline around an SUV, according to the probable cause statement.

The victim told police she got mad at Mayes for drinking beer in her residence with her children present and ordered him to leave.

Mayes is accused of leaving the residence, returning with a gas can and pouring gasoline around the victim's SUV parked in her driveway, according to court documents.

Officers at the scene ordered Mayes to put the gas can on the ground, but he did not comply.

As the officers approached Mayes, he allegedly sprayed one officer with gasoline, and two other officers took Mayes to the ground, according to court documents. Mayes held onto the gas can as the two officers took him to the ground and ended up with gasoline on themselves, per the probable cause statement.

While being held on the ground, Mayes is accused of resisting the officers' attempts to handcuff him.

One of the officers used a can of pepper spray to spray Mayes in the face. Shortly after, handcuffs were placed on him.

Firefighters for the Farmington Fire Department and paramedics arrived on scene to treat Mayes, who was complaining of his face burning from the pepper spray, according to court documents.

Mayes was incarcerated at the San Juan County Adult Detention Center on a $9,000 cash at 10 percent bond as of this afternoon.

His preliminary hearing is set for 8:30 a.m. Wednesday in Farmington Magistrate Court.

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