Man accused of striking victim with machete

Eric Deal has been accused of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and aggravated assault

Joshua Kellogg
Farmington Daily Times
Eric Deal

FARMINGTON — A man is accused of striking another man in the head with a machete. 

Eric Deal was arrested by officers from the San Juan County Sheriff's Office on the afternoon of July 9 for striking a man with a machete at a residence along County Road 3955, according to the probable cause statement. 

Deal has been accused of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, tampering with evidence and aggravated assault. 

He currently has no legal representation, according to court records.

Officers arriving at the scene found the male victim with blood all over his face, holding a machete. The alleged victim dropped the machete after being ordered by police.

When asked where the suspect fled, the victim pointed to a residence east of his home. The injured man told police he was sitting in a shed watching television when Deal showed up.

He added that Deal told him he was going to injure him with the machete and then struck him in the head, according to court documents. 

The officers were able to track Deal to a home along County Road 3937, where they setup a perimeter. 

Two men – Deal and his brother – eventually responded to officers' request to vacate the residence. Deal's brother was not involved in the incident and was later released at the scene, according to court documents.

Officers observed blood on Deal's right arm along with his pants and shoes as he was taken into custody. 

Both men signed a waiver for officers to search the house for one of Deal's shirts and for shoes belonging to his brother. 

During a search of the residence, officers found a blue shirt that was "soaking wet" and had a dark-stained spot they believed to possibly be blood, according to court documents.

Deal was released on his own recognizance after a July 10 hearing. His preliminary hearing is scheduled for 10 a.m. on Thursday in Aztec Magistrate Court.

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