Judge orders 60-day evaluation for bondsman in fraud case

Evaluation would help determine a sentence for Daniel Goldberg Sr.

Joshua Kellogg
A San Juan County Sheriff's Office Deputy escorts Daniel Goldberg Sr.  in to Farmington District Court for his sentencing hearing.
  • Daniel Goldberg Sr. was found guilty of collecting payments from a woman who did not owe money on her bond.
  • Judge Sandra Price said the information from the evaluation would help her determine a sentence.
  • A defense attorney's motion to delay the hearing was denied.

FARMINGTON — A bail bondsman who was convicted of extorting money from a client was ordered to undergo a 60-day evaluation at a state department of corrections hospital during a sentencing hearing today.

Daniel Goldberg Sr. was convicted of a fourth-degree felony and petty misdemeanor fraud charges on Feb.10 following a two-day jury trial.

He was found guilty of collecting two payments, $950 and $100 from a woman who did not owe money on her bond stemming from a September 2014 arrest.

Goldberg's attorney, Eric Morrow, sought to delay the hearing, but his motion to postpone the sentencing was not received by the court until this morning.

San Juan County Assistant District Attorney Keith Mandelski told the court he was not aware of the motion, which he opposed, and that Morrow did not notify him of the motion.

During the hearing, Morrow told Judge Sandra Price he had learned new information after the trial and was seeking new evidence.

Attorney Eric Morrow, right,  was unsuccessful in delaying a sentencing hearing for Daniel Goldberg Sr., left, at Farmington District Court.

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He said he waited until the last minute to file the motion because he was struggling with local law enforcement officials to access and review the evidence.

Morrow also argued for the delay because it could affect upcoming jury trials for Goldberg.

Price denied Morrow's motion, then ordered a 60-day presentence diagnostic at a New Mexico Corrections Departments facility for Goldberg.

Price said the information from the evaluation would help her determine a sentence for Goldberg.

Mandelski told Price he would be seeking a 30 to 90-day term for Goldberg at the county jail.

Goldberg was taken into custody and transferred to the San Juan County Adult Detention Center at the end of his hearing.

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Goldberg is involved in two other cases scheduled to go to trial this year.

A June trial is scheduled for a case involving eight felony fraud charges against Goldberg related to his activities as a bail bondsman.

A trial in August is scheduled for 11 felony charges on accusations of fraud, extortion and racketeering.

Those charges are for allegations made by people who bonded with several businesses associated with Goldberg.

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