Police investigating child stalking allegations

Raymond Montoya, 65, was arrested on March 15 by Farmington police on a felony aggravated stalking charge

Joshua Kellogg
  • Montoya allegedly violated his probation by approaching and speaking to the 11-year-old girl who has a restraining order against him
  • Montoya pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor harassment charge after he allegedly harassed the same girl at a Farmington skating rink last year
Raymond Montoya

FARMINGTON — The Farmington Police Department is investigating new allegations of stalking by a man who has recently been charged for allegedly stalking an 11-year-old girl.

Raymond Montoya, 65, was arrested on March 15 by Farmington police on a felony aggravated stalking charge, according to a press release.

Montoya was placed on probation after he pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor harassment charge for harassing the then-10-year-old girl and two of her sisters in late April, according to Brandy and Chris Webb, the girl's parents.

Because of the harassment charge, the family obtained a restraining order against Montoya in regard to the three girls.

Montoya was arrested on a second charge after police received a report he showed up multiple times at the 11-year-old girl's bus stop. He also approached her and spoke to her at a Farmington Walmart, according to the press release.

The girl currently has a new restraining order against Montoya, according to Brandy Webb.

Attempts made Monday to contact the public defender assigned to Montoya's case for comment were unsuccessful.

Georgette Allen, Farmington police spokeswoman, said several parents have spoken to police about similar types of interactions between Montoya and their children.

"If there are other victims out there, we would like them to come forward," Allen said.

Montoya met the Webb family at a Farmington VFW Post last year. The father said he was acting "funny" and was very friendly with the children.

Then, on April 30, Montoya approached the children at the Rock n Roller Rink in Farmington, according to Brandy Webb.

She said Montoya had learned her children were not with their parents at the VFW Post 2182 that night.

"We found out he went straight to the skating rink, and (he) was talking to our kids," Brandy Webb said. "Trying to say that he loved them and wanted to run away with them."

The parents called police the following day, and Montoya was charged on May 12 with harassment. They said the VFW staff has since banned Montoya from visiting the post.

Shawnee Herrera, a former bar manager at the VFW Post 2182, said in a telephone interview Montoya has been banned from the property

Since then, the family has moved to another home in Farmington, and the children have changed schools. The mother said the move was not because of Montoya. She said Montoya no longer knows where the family lives, but he has discovered the children's new bus stop. The children do not use the bus stop anymore.

Brandy Webb said the situation makes her uncomfortable.

"I'm very angry," Chris Webb said.

The parents are concerned about the safety of their children and worry about Montoya possibly being released on bond.

He is currently being held at the San Juan County Adult Detention Center on a no-bond hold following his probation violation.

Anyone with information is asked to call detective Shaun Goodsell at 505-599-1005 or San Juan County Crime Stoppers at 505-334-8477.

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Editor's note: This story, which was originally published on March 27 has been edited to correct an error. The correct number to contact Farmington police Detective Shaun Goodsell is 505-599-1005.