Police: Man arrested in burglary claimed to be CIA agent

When arrested on suspicion of breaking into a woman's home, David Hutton allegedly told police he was a CIA agent under "court-ordered hypnosis"

Steve Garrison
David Hutton

AZTEC — A 34-year-old Farmington man has been accused of attempting to force entry into a woman's home armed with a fake pistol.

When he was arrested, David W. Hutton allegedly told police he was at the woman's residence because he was a CIA agent under "court-ordered hypnosis."

Deputies from the San Juan County Sheriff's Office and New Mexico State Police officers were dispatched at 12:30 p.m. June 17 to a residence on County Road 5759 after receiving reports of an armed subject, according to arrest records.

The resident told dispatchers Hutton, who was armed with a gun, was banging on the back door, records state. He said he would not leave until "they" were out of his head, and someone was dead, records state.

Police arrived at the scene and located Hutton standing in the living room at the residence. The pistol was in his waistband, according to records.

Police asked Hutton to step out of the room, and he began to comply, but he then said he wanted to get his things from the room, records state.

Officers grabbed Hutton's wrists and managed to remove a silver pistol — which they then learned was fake — from his waistband, according to records.

Hutton was then taken to the ground and placed in handcuffs, records state.

Hutton made several irrational statements to officers, including claims that he was a CIA agent worth $142 million, according to records. Officers found a duffel bag that belonged to Hutton, which contained several metal and wooden rods, according to records.

The resident told police Hutton managed to enter the residence by kicking in the bolt-locked back door, the records state.

Hutton was charged Monday in Aztec Magistrate Court with aggravated burglary with a deadly weapon and resisting arrest.

He has not yet retained legal representation, according to court records.

His bond has been set at $30,600, records state.

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