DA's son faces punishment after raucous party

Police say the 17-year-old allegedly pushed an officer who was investigating a party at the family's home

Steve Garrison
  • The San Juan County DA's son was booked into juvenile detention for allegedly pushing an officer.
  • The police officer was investigating reports of a fistfight at the family residence on May 7.
  • Police found 20 teens inside the home, including a girl who was transported to the hospital.
  • The Juvenile Probation and Parole Office decided not proceed with criminal charges against the teen.

FARMINGTON — The San Juan County district attorney's 17-year-old son faces punishment by state juvenile services after he was taken into custody last weekend on allegations he obstructed police as they tried to investigate a raucous party at the family residence.

Robert Tedrow, son of Rick Tedrow, was booked into the San Juan County Juvenile Detention Center on May 8 on allegations he pushed a law enforcement officer who was sent to investigate reports of a fistfight at the party, according to a police report.

Deputies from the San Juan County Sheriff's Office met Robert Tedrow at about 11:30 p.m. May 7 outside the family's residence in east Farmington, the report states. The boy, who appeared intoxicated, told deputies he was 18 years old and refused to allow them into the home, according to the report.

He then allegedly pushed a deputy in the chest with a stack of newspapers, the report states.

Robert Tedrow then called his father, and Rick Tedrow told his son to give the phone to deputies.

Rick Tedrow then gave a deputy verbal permission over the phone to enter the residence and told the deputy to return the phone to his son so he could tell him to "knock his s--- off," according to the report.

Robert Tedrow was detained and placed in handcuffs by deputies, the report states. The boy allegedly refused to follow commands and pulled away from an officer's grasp as he was led to a squad car, according to the report.

Inside the residence, deputies discovered about 20 intoxicated teenagers, including a girl who was transported to San Juan Regional Medical Center's emergency room due to an "extreme'" level of intoxication, the report states.

Robert Tedrow was initially released to the custody of a family member, according to the report, but he fled from the family member's vehicle at a stop light in Farmington and returned to the residence, according to the report.

He was picked up and transported to the detention center, the report states.

Sheriff's office detective Lt. Kyle Lincoln said Friday the deputies findings were sent to the New Mexico Juvenile Probation and Parole Office to determine whether to proceed with criminal charges.

Lincoln said Robert Tedrow was booked into the detention center due to several factors.

"There was no supervision, he was intoxicated and (due to) the crimes he committed," Lincoln said. "We released him to a family member, but when he took off from her, he showed he needed closer supervision."

To avoid undue influence, Rick Tedrow said he assigned Chief Deputy District Attorney Dustin O'Brien to communicate with juvenile services regarding his son's case.

He said it's not easy being a parent.

"I feel confident saying his mom and I have taught him right from wrong and that respect is important, but when you are dealing with a 17 year old, the seed is planted and they are going to make their decision," Tedrow said Friday in a phone interview. "He made his decision, and he is dealing with the repercussions."

Tedrow said he was in Albuquerque for his younger son's baseball tournament on the night of the party.

Chief Deputy District Attorney Dustin O'Brien said Friday the Juvenile Probation and Parole Office informed him Wednesday that the office will not proceed with criminal charges against Robert Tedrow.

Juvenile services will instead handle the case informally, which means the boy maybe be required to perform community service, write a letter of apology or attend counseling.

O'Brien said Juvenile Probation and Parole Office can later refer the case for criminal prosecution if Robert Tedrow does not comply with its requirements.

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