August retail and medical cannabis sales stay above $40 million

Adult-use cannabis sales totaled more than $24 million

John R. Moses
Farmington Daily Times

FARMINGTON – Statewide cannabis sales figures show that consumers spent just a bit more statewide in August than in July.

Last month the state saw cannabis sales soar beyond every previous month including milestone April when New Mexico’s legalized recreational sales began.

Customers spent just over $40,679,290 in August. Of that total, $16,459,951.69 came from untaxable medical sales and $24,219,338 from taxable adult-use sales.

In July, licensed retailers around the state reported a total of $40,305,131.90 in combined medical and recreational cannabis sales.

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August’s numbers easily surpassed the $39 million in cannabis sales racked-up during April, the first month of legalized recreational sales and the top sales month until July came along to break that record.

Farmington ranks 12th, Aztec 42nd in state sales rankings

Dispensaries in Farmington sold just over $800,655 worth of cannabis products in August, ranking 12th among the state’s top venues for medical and adult use sales.

Medical sales accounted for just over $192,284 while recreational sales, the lion’s share, were $608,371, according to a chart produced by the Cannabis Control Division of the Regulation and Licensing Department.

Cannabis customers spent just over $40,679,290 in August. This chart breaks down 51 of the 55 places where they spent their money. The bottom four were omitted from this version of the chart.

As usual, the state’s population centers and some border towns saw the highest sales numbers, with Albuquerque leading at just over $14,628,736.

Aztec is in the mix, with medical sales there accounting for just over $10,310 in August and recreational sales reaching just over $51,318.73, for total sales of just over $61,628, the news release stated.

That puts Aztec as 42nd among the 55 New Mexico municipalities with legal cannabis dispensaries in August. Last month Aztec's combined medical and adult use sales totaled just over $67,079.

The state is expanding access to online cannabis sales information, the news release said.

“Beginning the month of October, the Cannabis Control Division will post sales numbers monthly on their website, with data being available at the beginning of each month for the month prior,” the division’s news release stated.