Are there fires near me? Track burning Colorado, New Mexico smoke and wildfires on this map.

Nate Chute
Farmington Daily Times

It's wildfire season in the West, and oppressive heat and drought in the region are providing fuel to several blazes.

Last year, more than 10 million acres were burned in the U.S, including 100,000 acres in New Mexico and almost one million in neighboring Arizona.

Extreme temperatures and dry conditions in 2021 mean this year's wildfire season could last even longer amid staffing shortages experienced by paid and volunteer firefighter units.

You can track current fires and smoke and haze conditions across New Mexico and each of the states in the Four Corners on our interactive map here:

Where are there fires in New Mexico?

Smoke from New Mexico wildfires and fires in other Western states can travel into Farmington and affect air quality (more on that below).

Is it hazy in Farmington? This New Mexico air quality map shows current conditions.

The 5-3-1 method. How to stay safe on poor air quality days.

The New Mexico Department of Public Health Tracking advises using the 5-3-1 method to stay safe on smoky days.

The agency says if you can see for less than five miles, the air quality is unhealthy for young children, pregnant women, adults over 65, and those with diseases or illnesses that make breathing difficult. This means such individuals should limit outdoor recreational activity.

If visibility is at three miles, those same people should avoid all outdoor activities and stay indoors. 

If you can see for less than a mile, the air quality is not healthy for anyone and individuals should stay inside unless an evacuation order is issued.