Aztec adds curbside recycling day. Service will be offered twice a month starting in April

Hannah Grover
Farmington Daily Times
Aztec will switch to twice-a-month recycling starting in April.

FARMINGTON — People who live within the Aztec city limits will soon have two days a month to set out their recycling bins for curbside collection.

Door tags or recycling cart tags were left at houses this month throughout Aztec informing them of the change, which takes effect on April 2.

The City of Aztec contracts with Waste Management of New Mexico for trash and recycling services. In January, the City Commission decided to change to twice-monthly recycling.

The change comes along with increased costs on utility bills for solid waste. The new rates, which go into effect in April, are as follows:

  • $8.18 for recycling regardless of whether the resident subscribes and has a recycling bin. This is an increase from $7.10.
  • $16.27 for weekly trash pickup and at-the-door service. This is an increase from $15.67
  • $6.05 for people with an extra trash cart. This is an increase from $5.76
  • $8.18 for people with an extra recycle cart. This is an increase from $7.10

The City Commission finalized approval of the rate changes on Feb. 23 as part of a contract extension with Waste Management. Waste Management can annually adjust fees as part of the contract based on the consumer price index for the 12 months ending in November.

Waste Management will soon collect recycling twice a month in Aztec.

"This change demonstrates the City and WM’s commitment to recycling. Now, if your household misses a recycling collection day, you’ll have another chance in two weeks. We hope every-other-week recycling services brings the community more flexibility and ease," said Dan Darnell, public sector manager for Waste Management of New Mexico, in a press release.

The press release states that the change will make it easier for residents to recycle more materials. This will provide for conservation of vital natural resources as well as environmental preservation. It will also support manufacturing jobs related to the recycling industry. 

A list of materials that can be recycled is posted on recycling carts for Aztec residents.

Items that can be recycled include aluminum and steel cans, plastic bottles, tubs and jugs, clean paper and cardboard. Boxes should be flattened to make more room in the recycling cart.

Foods, liquids and plastic bags cannot be recycled.

Materials for recycling should not be placed in plastic bags or trash bags. If the items are in a trash bag or plastic bag, they will end up in the landfill, according to the Waste Management press release.

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