Capital outlay bill includes $19.5 million for infrastructure projects in San Juan County

Hannah Grover
Farmington Daily Times
The East Blanco Boulevard bridge is pictured, Friday, Aug. 17, 2018 in Bloomfield.

AZTEC — San Juan County entities had a successful legislative session in terms of advocating for capital outlay funding. If approved by Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, they will receive their share of more than $19.5 million for a wide range of infrastructure projects.

Entities propose projects for capital outlay and Legislators select projects from the submitted lists to sponsor. Among the winners this year in San Juan County are bridge and roadway improvement projects and cash to help fix a leaky reservoir in Aztec.

The capital outlay bill passed the House of Representatives on March 16 with a unanimous vote and later passed the Senate on March 19, also unanimously. It now goes to the governor's desk for final approval.

A full list of projects included in the capital outlay bill can be found at The bill includes more than $517 million in funding for projects throughout the state.

East Blanco Boulevard Bridge 

The largest single award for a project in San Juan County went to the City of Bloomfield for the East Blanco Boulevard Bridge project. The bill includes $2.4 million for that project.

The City of Bloomfield has been working on the East Blanco Boulevard Bridge replacement project for more than a decade. According to The Daily Times archives, the city allocated $33,000 in 2010 for design work on the project. This extensive project has required relocating utility lines and acquiring right of ways. Ultimately, Bloomfield plans to replace the bridge and rebuild the road around it. 

East Blanco Boulevard is one of the major thoroughfares in Bloomfield and thousands of vehicles cross over the East Blanco Boulevard Bridge every day. A traffic study in 2017 counted 3,571 cars over a 24-hour period.

In the past, city officials have described the bridge as functionally obsolete. 

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Aztec Reservoir 1

Water storage in Aztec has been more limited in the past few years after a leak was found in Reservoir 1, located off of New Mexico Highway 173 near its intersection with U.S. Highway 550.

The city drained the reservoir in the fall of 2017 so that it could dredge the facility, according to The Daily Times archives. While it was drained, scientists with the U.S. Geological Survey took sediment samples from the reservoir in 2018 to learn about the impact of historic mining, according to archives.

From left, Eli Brown, Kaityn Brown, Matthew Brown, bottom and Megan Brown enjoy the day, Friday, May, 18, 2018 on Lake Farmington. The city received capital outlay funding for emergency response at the lake.

When Aztec went to refill the reservoir after cleaning it out, the city discovered a leak and subsequently took the facility offline. City officials say it has been more than two years since that decision was made.

Repairing the reservoir and bringing it back to use is Aztec's top priority project. The city received $2 million for it in the capital outlay bill.

Reservoir 1 is one of three raw water storage reservoirs that the City of Aztec uses for municipal water.

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Other projects

  • $125,737 for a telecommunication system upgrade at the 11th Judicial District Court in Aztec
  • $150,000 for Aztec to purchase public safety vehicles
  • $200,000 for utility system construction in Aztec
  • $100,000 to improve the access road to the Beclabito Chapter helipad
  • $100,000 to construct the Beclabito Chapter helipad 
  • $500,000 to replace a flume on the Bloomfield Irrigation District's ditch, which is the primary source of water for the City of Bloomfield
  • $25,500 for renovations at the Bloomfield Senior Center
  • $400,000 to repair the Broadway Avenue bridge in Farmington 
  • $175,000 for improvements to County Road 5500, which include chip sealing
  • $325,000 to replace the HVAC system in Diné College's gym at the Shiprock campus
  • $1.1 million for improvements to the Diné College agricultural multipurpose center at the Shiprock campus 
  • $700,000 to construct a fire lane at the Diné College Shiprock campus
  • $200,000 to equip an emergency response unit at Lake Farmington 
  • $250,000 to renovate Lions Pool in Farmington. City officials say this could help extend the life of the aging pool
  • $450,000 to purchase vehicles for the Farmington Police Department
  • $875,000 to install a security camera system in Farmington. The city hopes to install security cameras in highly trafficked areas such as downtown and the river trail
  • $120,000 to construct the Gadii'ahi/To'Koi Chapter administration complex
  • $150,000 for construction of a senior center in the Gadii'ahi/To'Koi Chapter
  • $150,000 for improvements to the Harriet Sammons Building in Farmington 
  • $245,000 for the head gate spillway for the Hillside Irrigation Ditch
  • $125,000 for the Adobe Powerline construction for the Huerfano Chapter
  • $50,000 for the Carson North Waterlines as well as bathroom construction at the Huerfano Chapter
  • $200,000 to improve the water system in the Huerfano Chapter
  • $200,000 for improvements at Jackson Lake Wildlife Area
  • $175,000 for construction of a warehouse for the Lake Valley Chapter 
  • $157,000 for water system improvements for the Lake Valley Chapter
  • $100,000 for improvements of Main Avenue in Aztec 
  • $207,000 for renovations of the North Farmington Ditch
  • $900,000 for water storage construction for the Navajo Dam Domestic Water Consumers and Mutual Sewage Works Corporation
  • $525,000 for improvements at Navajo Lake State Park
  • $400,000 for improvements at Navajo Preparatory School
  • $475,000 for installing a security system at Navajo Preparatory School
  • $100,000 to improve Navajo Route 367 in Upper Fruitland
  • $150,000 to construct a light at the intersection of Navajo Route 5001 and U.S. Highway 491 in Newcomb
  • $100,000 for construction of bathroom additions at the Red Valley Chapter 
  • $150,000 for the five-mile bridge across Largo Wash in San Juan County
  • $200,000 for accessibility improvements at San Juan County facilities
  • $270,000 for renovations at San Juan Regional Medical Center
  • $60,000 for equipment for the San Juan Regional Medical Center
  • $500,000 for building construction for the San Juan Soil and Water Conservation District. The district broke ground on the new building earlier this year. 
  • $100,000 to improve the parking lot at the Shiprock Chapter senior center
  • $100,000 for lighting improvements at the Shiprock Industrial Park
  • $500,000 for the Shiprock Judicial Complex
  • $39,000 for construction of the Shiprock multipurpose veterans center
  • $300,000 for infrastructure improvements at San Juan College
  • $650,000 for construction of a welding facility at San Juan College
  • $76,000 for bathroom construction at the T'iistoh Sikaad Chapter
  • $80,000 for improvements to New Mexico Highway 134 and U.S.. Highway 134 in the Tooh Haltsoii Chapter
  • $115,000 for construction of a bathroom and waterlines at the Tse Alnaozti'i' Chapter
  • $45,000 to purchase farm equipment for the Tse'Daa'Kaan Chapter
  • $100,000 for the service center plan at Tse'Daa'Kaan Chapter
  • $50,000 for phase one of the scattered powerline extensions in the Two Grey Hills Chapter
  • $75,000 for construction of a cemetery in Upper Fruitland
  • $150,000 to extend powerlines in White Rock Chapter
  • $75,000 for construction of a multipurpose building in the White Rock Chapter 

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