Voter turnout in San Juan County for Election Day 2020 was slightly higher than in 2016

Hannah Grover
Farmington Daily Times

AZTEC — San Juan County saw high numbers of voters cast ballots this year; however, the percentage of registered voters who participated in the election was only slightly higher than the past presidential election. Turnout remained consistent with what the area has experienced in the past.

According to numbers from the New Mexico Secretary of State’s Office, 52,321 of the registered 77,804 San Juan County voters cast ballots this year. That is approximately 67%, about 3% higher than the past presidential election.

The secretary of state's website has voter registration data and election results data dating back to 1990. 

Voters enter the Farmington Public Library to cast their ballots on the morning of Tuesday, Nov. 3, 2020.

Voter registration has increased in recent years. In 2016, there were fewer than 72,000 registered voters in the county and, in 2018, there were fewer than 71,000.

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In 2016, the last presidential election cycle, 64% of registered voters cast ballots, according to data from the secretary of state’s office. 

One of the high points in voter turnout in San Juan County was in 2008 when there were fewer registered voters and about 80% of them cast ballots. At that time, voter registration data available on the secretary of state’s website shows that there were approximately 58,000 registered voters in the county.

A voter heads into the San Juan County Fire Operations Center, Tuesday, Nov. 3, 2020, to cast a ballot in Aztec.

Data from the secretary of state’s website shows that it was not uncommon to have voter turnout surpassing 70% in the 1990s and, in 1992, nearly 86% of registered San Juan County voters cast ballots.

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San Juan County saw strong turnout among Republican voters this year, with nearly 82% of the registered Republicans casting ballots. Meanwhile, about 72% of the registered Democratic Party voters participated and less than 48% of the voters who are not affiliated with a political party voted.

Early voting in person was the most popular way to cast ballots across board, however more Democrats mailed in absentee ballots than Republicans in San Juan County.

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