Farmington Electric Utility System to upgrade customer utility meters

Sam Ribakoff
Farmington Daily Times

FARMINGTON – Farmington Electric Utility System customers can expect visits from crews of FEUS employees as the utility service begins to upgrade and install new digital meters.

The new meters will communicate real time information on a customer’s utility usage through a wireless communication network that both FEUS and customers will be able to see and monitor.

Farmington Public Affairs Administrator Georgette Allen stressed that the upgrades would be “beneficial to the customers,” noting that with the real time data, FEUS could respond to outages and other issues faster, and customers would be able to monitor their own energy use in real time.

Customers will not have to be home for the instillation, but FEUS crews will have to be able to access meters, unencumbered by dogs or other obstacles. If FEUS crews are not able to access customer’s meters, a placard will be left on their door asking them to schedule a future appointment.

Customers can call FEUS to find out when upgrades are scheduled for their neighborhood.

Upgrades have already started north of Aztec in the Pine River, Hart Canyon, Turley, and Pump Canyon areas.

Upgrades for the entirety of FEUS’s coverage area are projected to be completed in six years.

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Electric utility meters, like these seen March 3, 2020 in downtown Farmington, will be replaced by FEUS crews as part of a six-year project to install upgraded meters that report electrical usage through a wireless network in real time.