3 San Juan County residents arrested on armed robbery, kidnapping and extortion charges

Sam Ribakoff
Farmington Daily Times

FARMINGTON — Three San Juan County residents were arrested on Nov. 25 on multiple charges relating to armed robbery, kidnapping and extortion.

The three suspects, one wearing a mask, are alleged to have entered another San Juan County resident's home on Nov. 23, according to a release by the San Juan County Sheriff's Office.

They are accused of holding the victim at gunpoint while ransacking the residence for jewelry and cash.

"The suspects have been identified as, 23-year-old Antonio Flores Cuellar (masked suspect), 20-year-old Brenda Dominguez (masked suspect’s fiancé), and 18-year-old Jose Luis Rodriguez," the Sheriff's Office announced on Nov. 27.

The victim said a man and a woman came to his house, and then a masked man with a gun came in. He said that man "ordered him to get on his knees and the female suspect walked out of the residence," the press release stated.

Jewelry and cash were taken from the home, then the suspects were alleged to have driven the victim to an ATM to withdraw more cash. The victim said he was told he would be killed if they didn’t retrieve more money in coming days.

The victim was released by his captors, then fled the area and contacted law enforcement, the release said. He said the trio left in a vehicle driven by the female suspect.

The suspects were arrested on Nov. 25 and taken to San Juan County Adult Detention Center. They face nine charges related to armed robbery, kidnapping and extortion. A search of a residence by the San Juan County Sheriff's Office found a pellet gun that was altered to look like a real firearm.     

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