Farmington approves letter of support as Enchant Energy seeks grant funds

Hannah Grover
Farmington Daily Times

FARMINGTON — The City of Farmington and Enchant Energy are asking the U.S. Department of Energy for millions of dollars in grant money to fund a carbon capture feasibility study for the San Juan Generating Station.

Enchant Energy is the potential future owner of the San Juan Generating Station.

“The Department of Energy encouraged them to have us be a co-applicant to provide a letter of support because we have site access, which is one of the requirements for the grant,” City Attorney Jennifer Breakell said during a City Council meeting on Tuesday.

The grant application includes a project description and a questionnaire evaluating potential environmental impacts.

The meeting and related documents can be viewed online at

The San Juan Generating Station is pictured in 2011 in Waterflow.

The City of Farmington has access to the San Juan Generating Station because it is a partial owner of unit 4. The City Council unanimously approved the application and letter of support.

Councilor Sean Sharer asked if applying for the grant would cost the city money. Breakell replied that the only expense the city will see is the time she spends helping with the application process. This could cost the city up to $10,000, according to the letter of support.

Breakell said the grant could potentially pay for the entire feasibility study.

City Manager Rob Mayes clarified that the grant would pay for a second, more in depth feasibility study. He said there is an initial study “that’s kind of a thumbs up or thumbs down” that is due June 7. If Enchant Energy decides to continue pursuing carbon capture technology on the San Juan Generating Station, the second feasibility study may be funded through the grant.

He said the larger study will look at feasibility and provide preliminary engineering and design reports.

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