EPA unable to access Gold King Mine water treatment plant

The Daily Times staff
Gold King Mine spill

FARMINGTON — Mine waste from the Gold King Mine has not been treated for more than a day due to snow conditions and weather in Silverton, Colorado.

The treatment plant was closed Thursday evening and the San Juan County Office of Emergency Management was notified Friday morning that water had not been treated for 30 hours, according to Mike Mestas, the director of the office of emergency management.

The Durango Herald reported the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency tries to have one person staffed at the treatment plant during the winter, however the staffer has been unable to reach the plant.

Mestas said the EPA does not believe any contaminated water entered the Animas River.

However, as a precaution, neither Farmington nor Aztec will pump from the Animas River.

Mestas said Farmington has not been pumping for several weeks due to the amount of sediment in the water.