Ballots must be returned by 7 p.m. on Feb. 5


AZTEC — Registered voters who live in the Aztec, Bloomfield and Central Consolidated school districts will receive ballots in the mail this month for a special election. Voters will be asked to approve or deny a 2 mill levy on property taxes that would be in effect through 2024.

San Juan County Clerk Tanya Shelby said the ballots will be mailed on Jan. 8, but it may take a couple days for people to receive their ballot in the mail.

The mill levy will replace an existing 2 mill levy. People who live within the Farmington Municipal School District boundaries will not receive ballots.

A 2-mill levy means property owners pay $2 in property tax for every $1,000 of taxable value. The mills were last approved in 2013.

Voting in favor of the 2-mill levy does not mean voting in favor of raising property taxes in Bloomfield or CCSD because it would just extend existing mill levies through 2024. There would be an increase in the Aztec Municipal School District because the current mill levy is 1.87. However, property tax could potentially decrease if voters reject the measures.

Unlike previous elections, voters will not be required to request a mail ballot. Instead, everyone who is registered to vote by Jan. 8 and lives in one of the three school districts that are having an election will receive a ballot.

The special election is scheduled for Feb. 5, and all ballots must be returned to the San Juan County clerk’s office by 7 p.m. Feb. 5.

“It’s their responsibility to make sure that their ballots get to us by 7 p.m.,” Shelby said.

That means if the ballot has not been mailed by Feb. 5, the voter may want to bring it to the San Juan County clerk’s office in Aztec. Shelby said there are no polling places for the election.

The ballot will come in a small envelope, and there are instructions on the back.

Shelby said there are two envelopes inside the package, along with the ballot. While voters are not required to use both envelopes, she suggested placing the completed ballot inside the inner envelope and then placing the inner envelope inside the other envelope.

Shelby said voters must remember to print and sign their name on the designated spot on the envelope.

People who have questions about the special election or do not know which school district they live in can call the San Juan County Clerk’s Office at 505-334-9471.

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