Power restored after outages in Aztec, Bloomfield

John R. Moses
The Daily Times

SAN JUAN COUNTY — A vehicle crash in Farmington was not what knocked out power to nearly 5,000 customers in Bloomfield and Aztec tonight during a thunderstorm. Six utility workers searched a main transmission line to find out what happened.

All power was restored by 9:30 p.m. A "possible cause may a have been a possible equipment problem due to the weather. Crews are still investigating at this time," the utility reported Monday on its Facebook page.

Farmington Electric Utility System Director Hank Adair said crews are trying to figure out what caused the utility to “drop 37 megawatts of load” and cause two towns and customers in Pump Canyon to lose power.

At least part of Aztec got power back shortly after 9 p.m.

Adair said the large outage was not a result of a vehicle crash at College Boulevard and Pinon Hills Boulevard in Farmington, as previously reported by one agency, although a crash taking out a transformer at that intersection could affect a smaller number of customers.

The power failure came at about 7:13 p.m. A severe thunderstorm happening at that time brought about some minor flooding and a National Weather Service flood advisory for Farmington, Kirtland, Ojo Amarillo, Fruitland, Upper Fruitland, NAPI Headquarters and Nenahnezad. 

Adair said more information would be posted on the utility’s Facebook page when more is known.

Note: This story was modified to include precise times of power loss and restoration and the estimated number of customers affected.That information was released the day after the outage, July 10, 2018, by the Farmington Electric Utility System.