Travel showcase offers 'daycation' at Farmington Museum

Mayor says local participation, buy-in cruical to success of initiative

Megan Petersen
Farmington Daily Times
Farmington Mayor Nate Duckett speaks during the Farmington Convention and Visitors Bureau's annual meeting at the Farmington Museum at Gateway Park on Friday.
  • Approximately 24 local businesses hosted booths during the event.
  • CVB director Tonya Stinson said the event was designed to educate locals on regional recreation opportunities so they can share that information with others.
  • Stinson said the CVB may host similar events in the future.

FARMINGTON — Approximately two dozen local businesses and organizations hosted booths at the Farmington Convention and Visitors Bureau's annual meeting this morning at the Farmington Museum at Gateway Park, with the organization holding its first Farmington Travel Showcase.

Visitors to the showcase, which was billed as a "daycation," participated in a trip itinerary that guided them through the booths hosted by local bike and river tube rental and sales shops, hotels, restaurants, casinos, and cultural and outdoors tourism businesses.

“We wanted to highlight our fantastic members, and we wanted to show people that there are amazing things to do and to give our members the opportunity to get in front of some people and kind of kick start summer,” CVB executive director Tonya Stinson said. “Once our locals know about it, they talk about it, and they’re great ambassadors for us. We’re always trying to grow our Farmington ambassadors.”

Farmington Mayor Nate Duckett said local participation and buy-in will play a significant role in the success of the city’s Outdoor Recreation Industry Initiative, which aims to draw outdoors recreation tourism, business and manufacturers to the Four Corners region.

Farmington Museum director Bart Wilsey speaks with visitor Carmen Martinez during the Farmington Convention and Visitors Bureau's annual meeting at the Farmington Museum at Gateway Park on Friday.

“We've got to have people who are talking to others outside of our community, explaining to them all the great things that we are and what there is to do here,” Duckett said during his remarks, adding that “one of the big challenges that we face is when people come to town and ask what there is to do, we refer them to Durango. We are a hub here in Farmington for cultural adventures, outdoor recreation adventures, those kinds of things, and we need to start promoting that here, right here in our city.”

Lita Gregori of Farmington's Courtyard by Marriott said the event was a good opportunity to build relationships with other local businesses and to learn about things her hotel's guests can do in Farmington.

“We have people coming here and asking us what they can do. Now, we can say, ‘All this stuff,’” Gregori said, referring to the museum’s courtyard, which featured a number of outdoor recreation business booths at today's gathering.

Stinson said the CVB will review how the event went and may consider hosting similar events in the future.

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