Former coal miner plans opening of Traegers later this year


FARMINGTON — A Farmington resident is preparing to open a new bar in the northeastern area of the city.

“There’s not much option on the east side of town,” Scott Weaver said on Thursday while standing inside his future bar.

Weaver said the location in Silver Ridge Plaza at 5170 College Blvd. was attractive because the east side of Farmington is the part of the city that has been growing, and it is near busy roads.

The bar, which will be called Traegers, likely will open late this summer or in early fall. Its name comes from a character in the television show “Parks and Recreation.” The character Chris Traeger is known for being optimistic and for building people up, which is the atmosphere Weaver hopes the bar will have.

In addition to beer and wine, Traegers will serve specialty cocktails with fresh ingredients. Along with the bar on the main floor, the upstairs area of the building will have a full-service bar, and people will have the opportunity to rent it for special events.

Weaver said the bar will serve appetizers, but it will not be a restaurant. He is leasing approximately 2,700 square feet of space in Silver Ridge Plaza for the bar, which includes the upstairs and downstairs area. The main level is 1,900 square feet with a 500-square-foot fenced patio. The second story is 800 square feet. There will be about 80 seats on the main level, including the 20 seats on the patio. The second floor will have 32 seats.

Weaver is unsure about how many people he plans on employing. The space is still under construction and will not be ready for occupancy for several months. It needs drywall, flooring, lighting, the installation of furniture and more.

Weaver said he chose to make the leap into owning a bar due to timing. After being a coal miner for nearly 17 years, Weaver turned in his registration at the San Juan Mine earlier this year after the opportunity to lease a liquor license emerged. The liquor license previously allowed the Top Deck to serve alcohol. The downtown venue recently closed.

The limited future of the coal-mining industry also prompted him to make a change.

“It’s not going to be here forever,” Weaver said.

His wife, Ruth Weaver, said there is a bit of uncertainty that goes along with starting the new business, but she has supported her husband’s venture.

“I said, ‘If this is what you want to do, let’s do it,’” Ruth Weaver said.

The couple began driving around looking for a location for the bar. Scott Weaver said they considered buying land and building.

But when they saw the Silver Ridge Plaza, they decided to consider the expanding business plaza. Scott Weaver said they knew there had previously been a business in the plaza that had served alcohol.

“We walked in, and we were like, ‘This is the spot,’” Ruth Weaver said.

The Weavers received a special-use permit from the Farmington City Council this week to serve alcohol at the location.

Scott Weaver said the location is an amazing place for a bar because of the diversity of people in the area. He said the proximity to trails, as well as to offices and college students makes it a good place for a bar.

“Piñon Hills (Boulevard) is extremely busy, and this is a convenient stop,” he said.

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