Farmington Chamber's Banquet celebrates 65 years of service

Audra Winters
Farmington Chamber of Commerce
Audra Winters

The Farmington Chamber’s Annual Banquet was held on Feb. 2 at the San Juan Country Club, and it was a huge success.  
Everything was 50’s from the attire and the food to the decorations. The chamber was incorporated in 1953, so to celebrate 65 years of service to the business community we thought it would be fun to have a 50’s-themed event. 
Thank you to the Banquet Committee for doing an outstanding job on this event. Not only did everyone have a wonderful time, but we were able to honor some very special people. Congratulations to Jamie Church who was named Citizen of the Year and to San Juan Regional Medical Center, which was named Business of the Year.  
Chairman of the Chamber Board Carmen Martinez gave the Chamber’s 2017 Annual Report. You may find the Chamber’s Annual Report on our website at   

Adam Kinney

Also at the Annual Banquet we welcomed Adam Kinney, who will serve as chairman of the Chamber for 2018.  We are very excited to have Adam serve as our chairman this year.  We have a challenging year ahead of us, but I know with the great leadership at the Chamber we can weather this storm. 

Community members participate in the annual Farmington Chamber of Commerce awards banquet on Feb. 2 at the San Juan Country Club in Farmington.

Punxsutawney Phil did see his shadow, so hopefully we will finally have a winter. As you know we could really use the moisture. We all enjoy the outdoors and all it has to offer; without the moisture it could be a very hard spring and summer.

One thing the chamber is working on with The Daily Times is the 2018/2019 Relocation Magazine. Every year we update this magazine and it will be ready the first part of May.  At the chamber we send out dozens of copies of this magazine to people interested in moving to or visiting Farmington. It is full of helpful information about the community, important numbers and all there is to do here. The magazine is available to anyone that is interested in having a copy.  

Don’t forget to go and vote before or on March 6. We will be voting for a new mayor.  Mayor Roberts has done a wonderful job for our community and we will miss having him as mayor. If you live in District 3 or 4 you will also be voting for a new city council person. 

Remember you can always stop by the Chamber office for all the latest news that is happening in the community or give us a call. Our office is located at 100 W. Broadway and our phone number is 505-325-0279. We would love to see you. The Farmington Chamber is organized for the purpose of serving and advancing the civic and business interest of the City of Farmington and the Four Corners region.

Audra Winters, IOM, is President/CEO of the Farmington Chamber of Commerce.