Sharpe: A timely examination of the Supreme Energy

George Sharpe
George Sharpe, Merrion Oil and Gas investment manager

As we enter the Holy Season, I thought I would take an energetic tangent, if you will, and discuss the Supreme Energy from which came all energy.  I just read Stephen Hawking’s “A Briefer History of Time,” which made my head feel like antimatter.  Here are a few tidbits I managed to retain:

• Based on the frequency of the light coming in from the stars, it is apparent that the universe is expanding. Working the math backwards, some 13 billion years ago, it all started from the same point in space in what is theorized as “The Big Bang!” I’ll say it was big.  

• For every bit of matter in the universe, there is somewhere its equivalent in antimatter.  So if you add it all up, the sum of the universe is NOTHING!  As a side note, you are mostly nothing (or at least your body is)... just a bunch of electrons, protons, and neutrons with 99.999 percent space in between, held both apart and together by energy. We ARE energy.  

• Both time and space are concepts that only have definition in relation to matter (Einstein’s Theory of Relativity) and both get all bendy and fuzzy when the matter is hauling butt. In theory, if one can go faster than the speed of light, one can travel back in time. (I bet God can travel as fast as He wants!)

Given these “realities”, it is incumbent on us to work them into our individual world views. It is easy to see how the atheist could take the disparities between “reality” and the various world religions and conclude that God does not exist. But while the following arguments prove nothing to anybody but myself, here are the top 10 reasons I’m a believer.

1. The Laws of Physics demand it! Big Bang shimshimerang!... the laws of “Conservation of Mass” and “Conservation of Energy” don’t fit the something from nothing scenario.  Even the Big Bang theory demands the prior existence of a higher power with none of our physical limitations.

• “The exquisite order displayed by our scientific understanding of the physical world calls for the divine.” — Vera Kistiakowsky, MIT physicist

2. The Laws of Thermodynamics require it!  The principal of entropy says that order does not naturally come out of chaos, but vice versa. If you look into your alphabet soup and you see the Declaration of Independence written out, you would deduce that “somebody” was messing with your soup. How about putting the informational equivalent of the entire encyclopedia into a DNA molecule? Just by chance? Not a chance. (As a side note, Newton discovered the Laws of Physics, but Somebody bigger wrote them into existence.)

• “The universe was created, not in a cosmic game of dice, but of Scrabble.” — Chuck Swindol

3. The Laws of Biology insist it!  As an engineer who makes a living off of dead critters from hundreds of millions of years gone by, I acknowledge the scientific evidence for evolution. However, the evolutionists cannot explain, nor recreate, the spark of life.  A pretty big hole in the theory, don’t you think?

Standard Big -Bang theory essentially explains the propitious universe this way:  "Well... we got lucky, I guess!"  — The God Theory

4. The miracles of the world illuminate it!  Everything is made up of three basic “particles”… electrons rotating around protons and neutrons.  But add one more electron and Hydrogen turns into Helium and Helium into Lithium.  Hook a couple of hydrogen molecules to an oxygen molecule and the two gasses turn into the most amazing of liquids.  

• “Clouds make rain, oceans make sand, the earth breathes fire and lava makes land.  That took a mighty hand and a WILD imagination!”  —  Dirks Bentley

5. I am more than a mass of molecules… I am!  The molecules making me up are not even the same ones that were my body 10 years ago, yet I am who I am.  I cannot prove it, but I feel it as surely as I feel love… I am my soul! 

• "My inner life of thought and awareness utterly denies that my consciousness is nothing more than an inanimate, chemical reaction.  I KNOW better.  And so do YOU!"  —  The God Theory

6. The reality of the unmeasurable. You cannot prove God exists… but nor can you “prove” a LOT of things that you KNOW are real, such as love. Even though we can’t physically define or measure it, love is as real as our family.  Interesting that the most important thing in life... what life is really about... isn't even “of this world”? Interesting, yes… but coincidence, no.  

7. Infinitely Unfathomable! I really can't fathom a God powerful enough to create the universe, but nor can I wrap my head around the concept of infinity. It is only in reasoning that space and time cannot begin or end that I am able to accept it by faith, if you will. God is unfathomable as well, but there is no other plausible alternative. 

• “Eliminate everything that cannot be, and whatever is left, as illogical as it may appear, must be the truth!” —  Sherlock Holmes  

8. I feel the tug of God!  For my entire life, I have felt a constant tension between the desire to serve myself and the pull of God to serve others. Nature’s survival instinct is ME first!  But there is a voice in my heart that fights against it. It is only by following that voice and in serving others that we find true and meaningful satisfaction, while the Me First path leads to despair and loneliness.

9. Most religions feel the same tug!  Love God. Love your neighbor. Treat others as you would like to be treated. Why do most religions come to the same conclusion as to the best way to live one’s life? We all have the same God tugging at us.  

• "As an analogy, while we may live under different laws in different countries, the laws of nature are invariable. Likewise, religions may clearly differ, but spiritual truth, by definition, must be universal!"  —  The God Theory

10. God changes lives! It is not by accident that the 12-Step Program to kicking addiction requires a belief in a higher power. If life doesn’t mean anything, why bother kicking the habit? But God puts purpose in life, and faith in God provides the strength to change lives towards that purpose.

In closing, my answers undoubtedly don’t satisfy your questions, for that is your job and yours alone. As we each search for life’s meaning, may we find a purpose in our lives beyond ourselves… a purpose symbolized by the humble birth of a child in a lowly manger, who came not to be served, but to serve. And in doing so, may we find the peace that exceeds all understanding. God bless.     

George Sharpe is an Investment Manager with Merrion Oil & Gas in Farmington.