Farmington barbershop offers haircuts and video games

Speedys Barbershop has three game rooms with vintage video game, foosball and air hockey

Leigh Black Irvin
Speedys Barbershop owner Rob Herrera cuts customer Joyce Estrada's hair on Friday at his shop in Farmington.
  • Speedys Barbershop at 1210 N. Hutton Ave. has been open for almost one year.
  • The shop has three game rooms with vintage video game units such as Ms. Pac-Man and Deer Hunter.
  • Owner Rob Herrera has offered anyone who can beat his high scores on certain games a $5 haircut.
  • The shop offers men's haircuts start at $10, and women's cuts start at $15.

FARMINGTON — For most people, getting a haircut isn't a game. But at Speedys Barbershop, it can be both.

Speedys, which has been open for almost a year at 1210 N. Hutton Ave., boasts some unorthodox features.

While the shop has a black-and-white theme and shelves of model cars line the walls, perhaps the most unique aspect of the barbershop are the three game rooms with vintage video game units such as Ms. Pac-Man, Deer Hunter and Tekken 3.

Owner Rob Herrera said he tried to create something unlike any other barbershop in town.

"I grew up with these video games, and I like collecting them," he said. "That's why I wanted to include them in the barbershop."

One Ms. Pac-Man unit from 1981 contains 65 vintage games, including Donkey Kong, Frogger, Galaga, Centipede and Space Invaders. Herrera has offered anyone who can beat his high scores on certain games a $5 haircut.

Gamers who don't want a haircut are welcome to come in and play the games, many of which cost only a quarter, just like they did 35 years ago.

Herrera entered the barbershop business after getting laid off from his oil field job in 2009. After obtaining his barber's license from San Juan College in 2010, he worked at several Farmington barbershops before an opportunity arose to own his own business.

"I never thought that owning a barbershop would be attainable, but when I was told this location was available, I decided to go for it," he said.

Herrera credits the shop's unique look — which includes a black-and-white barber's pole hanging on the wall outside the shop — to his wife, Kim.

"She did the bulk of the painting and decorating. It really was her vision," he said.

In addition to the vintage video games, a claw machine with prizes, a 1970s-era foosball table and a full-size air hockey table can be found in the game rooms.

The games have been a hit, especially with kids, Herrera said.

"Parents will come in and say they used to have to fight to get their kids in for a haircut, but now the kids ask to go get a cut so they can play with the games," he said.

Herrera said he enjoys hearing comments like that because the main goal for his shop was to be family-friendly.

Speedys Barbershop owner Rob Herrera shows off a vintage video game unit at his barbershop in Farmington on Friday.

And he doesn't worry about local barbershops being replaced by salons.

"Actually, there are more barbershops now than there used to be," he said. "Barbershops are sometimes more popular because they're cheaper. Most haircuts from a stylist start at about $20. Plus, a lot of men like going to a barbershop for straight blade shaves and a hot towel on their faces."

At Speedys Barbershop, men's haircuts start at $10, and women's cuts start at $15. Other services, such as hair coloring and facial waxing, are also available.

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One of Herrera's regular customers, who goes by the name Wolf, got his hair cut on Friday afternoon.

"I've followed Rob everywhere he's been for the past five or six years," Wolf said. "It's hard to get someone to cut your hair the way you want it, plus no other barbershop in town has video games and a TV. I was very happy when he got his own shop."

Herrera said he's glad to offer the community more than just haircuts.

"We also host foosball tournaments, usually on Saturdays," he said. "You can go to any other barbershop and you won't see anything quite like this."

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Speedys Barbershop at 1210 N. Hutton Ave. in Farmington offers customers haircuts and video games.

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