Nine gift ideas for outdoors lovers

Mackenzie Hahn
Special to The Daily Times
Fitbit Super Watch

With so many products on the market, finding the perfect gift for the outdoors lover or workout enthusiast in your life can be a challenge. So we went to both Sportsman’s Warehouse and the newly opened Dick's Sporting Goods in Farmington to find out what the top sellers have been this season. Happy shopping!

Holiday gift ideas for outdoors lovers

Training mask:This is ideal for athletes who compete at different altitudes. The mask restricts air to your lungs to, over time, increase your lung capacity. It is especially useful for runners in Farmington who are training for events in Colorado. The masks are available at Dick's Sporting Goods for $79.99, and they are "flying off of the shelf," according to Thomas Murphey, hardlines manager at the store.

Water bottle: A solid water bottle is essential for any active person, and it's one of the most basic items that can cultivate fitness success. Cost varies based on size and brand, making this a gift that can fit into anyone's budget. "Every active person needs a good, quality water bottle, but people rarely think to go get one for themselves. It's an easy gift that they can use over and over," Murphey said.

Clothing: It's a no-brainer, but active people always need activity-specific clothes, whether it's for hunting, golfing or yoga. Especially during winter, wearing the right clothes can be the difference between a fun adventure and a miserable, freezing excursion. Both Farmington sporting goods stores offer a wide selection of clothes. Murphey adds, "We also have sizes for just about everyone, big and small."

Yeti thermos: This is a great gift for people who like to start their outdoors adventures early in the morning with a hot cup of coffee. It has double-insulated walls and 18/8 stainless steel to keep drinks either piping hot or freezing cold for twice as long as plastic thermoses. It is also dishwasher safe and shatterproof. "I got one for my girlfriend since she has to drive early in the morning. She got to Cortez, took a big gulp and she burned her mouth because she expected it to be lukewarm and it was actually just as hot as it was she poured it in two hours earlier," Murphey said. A 12-ounce Yeti Rambler Colster will run you $29.99, according to the Dick's website.

Fitbit: Got someone who really likes tracking all of their activities? A Fitbit might be the ideal gift. A variety of different Fitbit models track data like calories burned, floors climbed, active minutes and heart rate, and many also offer GPS and music control. Because they fit around the wrist and look like a watch, they can be worn during nearly every kind of activity. "This item is very popular for all active people because it can track so many different things," Murphey said. Depending on the model you choose, most Fitbits cost from $100 to $250.

First-aid kit: This is one of those often overlooked items that can make or break an outing. A good first-aid kit is a useful gift, especially for hunters and campers. Kits range in price based on their contents and how compact they are. "This is a great stocking stuffer and is something that is forgotten about, even though it's one of the most important things for any outdoorsman,” said Nathan Asiu, Sportsman’s Warehouse store manager.

Portable fish finder: The FishHunter 3.0 Portable Fish Finder is about the size of a tennis ball and is extremely easy to use. An angler attaches it to a fishing line or rope and throws it in the water. From there, it can send information like fish location, water temperature and a map of the lake to a smartphone. "For the fisherman that has everything, I can guarantee he doesn’t have this," Asiu said. Sportman's Warehouse lists the device on sale for $99.99 on its website, with a regular price of $149.99.

Survival kit: A step up from the first-aid kit is a survival kit for the outdoorsman who is drawn to more extreme adventures. Most kits include items like space blankets, whistles, fire starters and compasses. "This is a great idea for anyone that is outdoors a lot. It works well as an stocking stuffer, and it will be very appreciated if the person you’re giving it to ever gets in a tough situation outside," Asiu said.

Life jacket: An automatic inflatable life jacket is a nice gift for fans of water sports because it takes safety to a new level by adding comfort. When dry, the jacket stays slim and can barely be felt by the wearer. But when the jacket detects water, it automatically inflates itself. It's often used by competitive fisherman. "This is the perfect gift for someone that wants to be safe but doesn’t want to be bothered by the bulk of a regular life jacket," Asiu said. This one is a little pricey, starting about about $155 and going up to about $270.

Mackenzie Hahn covers the outdoors for The Daily Times.

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