As the Chamber of Commerce we want our community to buy local.  

There are many ways to buy local without going into a store or eating out. What about where you bank? Here in San Juan Country we have several banks and credit unions that are local and that you can only find here.  

Who does your taxes, do they have a local office? Think about where you get your hair done or your car fixed. If you are not sure who or where to go, ask a friend, co-worker or neighbor who they use.  

Also, think about places that are off the beaten track, places that are not in a shopping center. We all know it is easy to buy online, so, before you do, see if one of our local businesses has a website that you can buy from.
Buying local will help someone’s dream come true.  

Keep downtown businesses strong

In conjunction with the focus on buying local. the Chamber has partnered with the Farmington Downtown Business Resiliency Project to help our downtown businesses during the construction. 

With over 70 businesses in our downtown area we want them to know that we care about them and there is support. We have sent out a survey to them asking what types of training, marketing and other support they might need or want.  

We are waiting on the surveys to come back, but once they do we will start working on these needs. I will keep you posted in the upcoming months on how it is going and how you can help.  

Just one thing to remember: Even when there is construction, businesses are still open.  

School days returning

Believe it or not school will be starting soon. The Farmington Chamber of Commerce’s Education Committee and Animas Credit Union will be hosting the Annual New Teacher Luncheon on Thursday, Aug. 9.   

There will be 110 new teachers this year, and this luncheon is a nice way to welcome them to their new job. We are also looking for goodies to go into the new teacher bags, so if you have items that you would like to donate, please drop them by the chamber office at 100 W. Broadway or call us and will come by and pick them up.


Remember, you can always stop by the Chamber office for all the latest news that is happening in the community, or give us a call. Our office is located at 100 W. Broadway and our phone number is 505-325-0279. We would love to see you. 
The Farmington Chamber is organized for the purpose of serving and advancing the civic and business interest of the City of Farmington and the Four Corners region.

Audra Winters is President/CEO of the Farmington Chamber of Commerce

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