Who are your heroes? Nominate them!

Vangie Neil
Aztec Chamber of Commerce
Vangie Garza Neil

I remember my advisory room teacher well. Her name was Irene Seidensticker and she was a big part of my life throughout my high school years.  She cared not only about me, but about all her students, and most importantly, she had a lasting impact on my life. Along with my mother and eldest sister, she also taught me how not to fail. 
Parents are the most influential individuals in a child’s education, but teachers are a close second. Recent research suggests teachers are one thing outside of the home that can dramatically improve the wellbeing of children long after they become adults. And the effects go far beyond a child’s ability to read and write. Whether it is higher expectations, better performance, or achieving great things, Harvard University says, “It turns out that positive behavior from teachers who have higher expectations influence students to perform better. This has the potential to begin a domino effect that touches many areas of their lives.”
I have received a Christmas card from Ms. Seidensticker every year since graduating from high school and, at 64, I still look forward to her cards and we talk often.  
When did a teacher positively influence your life? Or what teacher has had an impact on your son or daughter? 
My husband and I know a man who pays it forward selflessly by giving his money, his time, or via in-kind items. He is non-stoppable and does not blink an eye about it. In fact, he simply thinks nothing of it! Even with an illness that will end his life in a few years, it is not about him but about the many others who need assistance in some form or manner that drive him to never say “no.”  
I also know a woman, who would give you the shirt off her back; would reach out to those in financial need even though her bank account could use a couple of deposits as well. She also helps teach women to become leaders in their community so they themselves can turn around and help other women do the same. Conquering breast cancer, the disease did not slow her down I can honestly say, she will leave a legacy. 
Who do you know that has that never ending gift of helping others?
I have worked in the corporate arena in San Antonio, Houston, New York and Dallas for more than 25 years. Clients included the corporate offices of Kimberly Clark, Texas Rangers, Dallas Mavericks, Flour, IBM, American Airlines, Mercedes-Benz, Dr. Pepper, Chase, Target and more. What do these companies have in common? Corporate social responsibility.  It is often abbreviated "CSR."  It is a company or corporation’s initiatives to assess and take responsibility for their effect on environmental or social wellbeing, or it may be donating to nonprofits, working on repairing a playground or two with their employees, or simply said, a company’s way to help improve their community in some way. 
I read a book recently that I could not put down. It was about the life of David Green, CEO to Hobby Lobby. The name of the book is titled, “Giving It All Away … And Getting It All Back Again. 
David Green is a successful business man, but at one point was getting ready to lose it all. The book is about a man running a business and responsible for the many people who work for him. This is an inspiring and challenging book that has the potential to change the way you look at everything you do.
Scott T. Allison and George R. Goethals, wrote a commentary on heroes and outlined 10 Reasons Why We Need Heroes: 
1. We’re born to have heroes. 
2.  Heroes nurture us when we’re young. 
3.  Heroes reveal our missing qualities
4.  Heroes save us when we’re in trouble. 
5.  Heroes pick us up when we’re down.  
6.  Heroes give us hope.  
7.  Heroes validate our preferred moral worldview.
8.  Heroes provide dramatic, entertaining stories.  
9.  Heroes solve problems.  
10.  Heroes deliver justice.

So there you have them – 10 reasons why people need heroes.  They tap into basic human needs for survival, nurturance, growth, education, safety, security, healing, happiness, health, hope, wisdom, and justice.  None of us can meet these important needs without significant help from others.
So what must we do? It never hurts us to remind ourselves who our own heroes are and what they represent for us, and to ask ourselves whether we are doing all we can to live up to these ideals. Heroes are everywhere – even in Aztec, New Mexico! 
We strongly urge you to recognize your hero or heroes: Hero #1 – Educator of the Year; Hero #2 - Citizen of the Year; and Hero #3 - Business of the Year for the Chamber to spotlight them at the Chamber’s Annual Banquet (see below) to say “thank you publicly to these heroes in front of their peers!” Go to to download the form to submit your names to the Chamber now. Thank you in advance, for your time to help the chamber celebrate some very special people!

Aribbon cutting was held recently at Adjusted Chiropractic Center in Farmington.

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Thank you Chamber members and guests who joined us for our August Chamber Business Luncheon with guest speaker and new editor of the Farmington Daily Times, John Moses.   
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