Fort Lewis honors San Juan County students

The Daily Times staff

FARMINGTON — Several San Juan County students were recognized April 21 at Fort Lewis College’s School of Arts and Sciences’ annual undergraduate research and creative activities symposium at the school in Durango, Colo.

Departments chose students to present the best undergraduate work at the college, according to a press release. The following local students presented at the event:

  • Taylor Bennett-Begaye, an art major from Fruitland, presented "Design and eyond."
  • Dillon Bruce, an engineering major from Fruitland, and Mike Hespe, an engineering major from Farmington, presented "Development of an SAE Baja Racecar."
  • Ian Hensler, a physics major from Aztec, presented "Sustainable Houses for Engagement and Discovery."
  • Evita Martin, a chemistry major from Shiprock, was presented "Ribosomal Frameshifting in HTLV-1: Examining the pro-pol frameshift site."
  • Jody Mike-Bidtah, an environmental studies major from Shiprock, presented "Navajo Students' Perspectives on Tribal Food Systems and Sovereignty.”
  • Shardai Pioche, a public health and psychology major from Kirtland, presented "The Effects of Media Violence on Fort Lewis College Students."
  • Lauren Wright, a chemistry major from Farmington, presented "Glycosylated Monoterpenoids: Miticides to Protect Honey Bee Colonies."

Also, Fort Lewis College recognized a few San Juan County students in its Freshman Math Program:

  • Rick Begay, a business administration major from Farmington, received the Intermediate Algebra Outstanding Student Award and the DRIVE Award.
  • Desiree Dan, a biology major from Shiprock, received the DRIVE Award.
  • Rachel Herrington, an undeclared major from Farmington, received the Dr. Gregory W. Bell "Absolute Maximum College Algebra Award” and the 100% Club for College Algebra.
  • Andrew Lee, a political science major from Farmington, received the College Algebra Outstanding Student Award. 

The school has also recognized local students in two other departments:

  • Also Tashina Largo, of Crownpoint, was chosen as an outstanding student in secondary and K-12 education by the faculty and staff at Fort Lewis College. She was recognized on April 29 at an on-campus ceremony.
  • Danika Evensen, a biology major from Farmington, received the Bridget J. Irish Award from the college’s writing program.