FARMINGTON — Last week, more than 100 scholarships were awarded to San Juan College and Navajo Technical University students through the PNM Navajo Nation Workforce Training Initiative.

Students from Navajo Technical University were recognized at a luncheon Wednesday at the school’s Wellness Center in Crownpoint.

San Juan College hosted its reception also on Wednesday at the School of Energy in Farmington. Among the officials who attended the reception were Navajo Nation Council Speaker LoRenzo Bates, San Juan College President Toni Hopper Pendergrass and Ron Darnell, PNM’s senior vice president of public policy.

The scholarship awards ranged from $300 to $2,000, according to a press release from San Juan College.

The PNM Navajo Nation Workforce Training Initiative was created to provide $1 million — distributed in $200,000 increments over five years — to Navajo students. The initiative, now in its third year, aims to mitigate the economic effects from the closure in 2017 of two of four units at the San Juan Generating Station.

Since its start in 2013, the initiative has awarded 371 scholarships to Navajo students, according to a press release from PNM Resources. Eighty-one students have completed certificates, 55 have finished associate degrees and 10 have earned bachelor degrees, the release states.

In three years, NTU students have received about $231,000, and San Juan College students have been awarded about $342,000.

Sandoval Begay, a Navajo Technical University student earning a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering, said in the PNM release that the scholarship has helped him continue his education.

"The funding from the PNM Navajo Nation Workforce Training Initiative is what has kept me going," he said.

Harrison Clark, a student in San Juan College’s Diesel Technology program, said in the college’s press release that the scholarship will help him focus on his education.

"Following my spring 2016 graduation, I hope to seek an employment opportunity with PNM and inspire other students to achieve their higher education goals," he said in the release.

Scholarship recipients

Navajo Technical University

  • Clifford Allen
  • Randall B. Allen
  • Archie Becenti, Jr.
  • Tyrus Charley
  • Syosette T. DeVore
  • Daniel S. Manuelito
  • Andrew Wauneka
  • Zachariah T.D. Woody
  • Jayvion S. Chee
  • Nicholas J. Clark
  • Homer B. Keith
  • Fayetta Clawson
  • Ricknell Delgarito
  • Gerald R. Henry
  • Alexandre J. Perry
  • Ryanson T. Begay
  • Miles J. Charley
  • Ronald K. Charley
  • Geoffrey Harrison
  • Soshane G. Kee
  • Nathaniel Murphy
  • Wacey C. Tsosie
  • Patrick R. Williams, Jr.
  • Angelo Woody
  • Michelle K. Becenti
  • Ambrose Jackson
  • Jeremy Begay
  • Lacey C. Begay
  • Sandoval Begay
  • Teverrick V. Chee
  • Homer B. Keith
  • Anfernee E. Kirk
  • Derrick Lee
  • Leroy Muskett
  • Adriane A. Tenequer
  • Aaron L. Tsosie
  • Zachariah T. Whitesinger
  • Dexter D. Yazzie

San Juan College

  • Coral Aguirre
  • Kaycee Allen
  • Ryan Antonio
  • Keon Aspaas
  • Ryan Atcitty
  • Amery Atene
  • Harold Barber
  • Sam Beetso
  • Dallas Begay
  • Julius Begay
  • Ermalinda Begaye
  • Darrell Begaye
  • Gale Benally
  • Gerald Benally
  • Trevor Benally
  • Quentin Benich
  • Carlina Betselie
  • Stephen Billison
  • Colin Bizardi
  • Nathan Blackwater
  • Troy Brown
  • Harrison Clark
  • Albervin Conn
  • Ernest Dan
  • Tyrell Davis
  • Chad Dixon
  • Andrew Eaton
  • Malachi Fergel
  • Melakia Garcia
  • Gerald Garnenez
  • Nathan Garnenez
  • Kayla Growler
  • Jarvis Henry
  • Sheldon Howard
  • Diane Howe
  • Basil Hubbell
  • Brian Johnson
  • Stanford Johnson
  • Vince Johnson
  • Max Kellywood
  • Brian Lee
  • Arnalda Lewis
  • Brendan Livingston
  • Gary Martin
  • Zachery McCurtain
  • Marshall McThomas
  • Larry Morgan
  • Julian Moses
  • Reid Naize
  • Chiashonya Nelson
  • Kelly Nelson
  • Zachary Nelson
  • Shawna Nez
  • Travis Parker
  • Dionne Paul
  • Mikael Peina
  • Gerald Peters
  • Shandie Pioche
  • Carlos Redhouse
  • Dora Sam
  • Jerrick Sandoval
  • Julius Sandoval
  • Ronaldo Scott
  • Norman Secatero
  • Cornelius Shorthair
  • Dennis Stevens
  • Alondo Talamante
  • Delton Thomas
  • Langston Thompson
  • Patdric Toehe
  • Cody Toledo
  • Malcolm Toledo
  • Deborah Tso
  • Colin Tsosie
  • Jeremiah Tsosie
  • Landon Tsosie
  • Schad Tsosie
  • Anthony Wagon
  • Kim Watchman
  • Nicholas Wheeler
  • Calvin Williams
  • Alex Willie
  • Collins Woody
  • Davin Yazzie
  • Dennison Yazzie
  • Jermaine Yazzie
  • Marcus Yazzie
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