Students participate in mentorship program

The Daily Times staff
Students in the Merrion Oil & Gas Corp. mentorship program pose for a photo, along with George Sharpe, the company's investment manager.

Several local high school seniors recently attended George Sharpe's engineering mentorship class offered by Merrion Oil & Gas Corp.

There were two competitions in December: a bid competition and a best team name contest.

In the bid competition, students learned how to predict the future performance of individual oil and gas wells. The 25 students were divided into 11 teams and given a final project to evaluate a bid price on six gas wells in Texas. Each team presented a formal presentation to T. Greg Merrion, the company' president, and Connie Dinning, an evaluations engineer.

Based on these presentations, Merrion Oil & Gas turned in a bid of $280,000, but it was not accepted. The purchase price was $290,000.

In the bid competition, first place was awarded to The Trade Federation from Piedra Vista High School, which consisted of Belle Toney, Ricardo Ruiz and Daniel Perez. Their bid was $288,000, and their prize was $100.

The $60 second-place winner was Rigzone, and the $30 third-place winner was The Drillionaires.

The $60 first-place winner of the team name contest was the Drillionaires, which included Izzi Renner, Mariah Benally and Summer Stevenson from Piedra Vista High School. The Petrosexuals came in second for $30, and the Money Makin' Mathletes were third for $20.

Each student donated $5 toward the price money, and the company matched it for a total of $300.

Clockwise from left, Piedra Vista High School students Ricardo Ruiz, Belle Toney and Daniel Perez, Merrion Oil & Gas Corp. President T. Greg Merrion and Connie Dinning, an evaluations engineer at the company, pose for a photo. The students are part of The Trade Federation team that won first place in a bid competition the oil and gas company hosted last month.