Three Kelly Greens will perform in London

Hannah Grover
From left, Emily Bliss, Taylor Crum and Breckan Campbell chat on Thursday as they cheer on Farmington High School's boys basketball team during the Marv Sanders Invite at Scorpion Gym in Farmington.

FARMINGTON — When Emily Bliss was a freshman at Farmington High School, she decided she wanted to join the Kelly Greens Dance Team.

Even though she had limited dance experience  — she took dance lessons for half a year in middle school  — she didn’t let that deter her and made it onto the team.

“I remember watching the Kelly Greens and just thinking that was something I wanted to do,” said the 17-year-old.

Now, the senior is looking forward to traveling to London later this month to perform on the National Dance Alliance’s All-American Team in the New Year’s Day Parade. Bliss is one of three Kelly Greens who made the team and chose to go to London.

Members of the Farmington High dance team attend a summer camp each year, and the instructors select several dancers to audition for National Dance Alliance’s All-American Team.

Bliss will be joined by juniors Breckan Campbell, 16, and Taylor Crum, 16. The two juniors have both been dancing for more than a decade . They said the experience of being on a team has kept them passionate about the sport.

Taylor Crum dances on Thursday with the Kelly Greens during the Marv Sanders Invite at Scorpion Gym in Farmington.

“You can just go get out all your energy,” Campbell said, adding that she enjoys the opportunity to dance with her friends.

Crum said her favorite part of dancing is the competition, when the teams gets its “three minutes of glory.”

“You get so much adrenaline,” she said.

In addition to qualifying for the All-American Team, the three girls are also part of a group of Kelly Greens who qualified to compete in February at the National Dance Alliance National Championship in Orlando, Fla. This is their fourth year that the Kelly Green will perform at the national competition.

After she graduates, Bliss hopes to continue dancing and she plans to try out for the dance teams at Colorado State University and University of Oklahoma.

“It’s just an escape from everything else that’s going on,” she said.

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Emily Bliss dances with the Kelly Greens on Thursday during a halftime performance at the Marv Sanders Invite at Scorpion Gym in Farmington.