'It's a rad little town': Jack Black and 'Jumanji' co-stars film in Farmington

Erin Davoran
Farmington Daily Times

They came, they filmed, they posted on social media.

The cast and crew of the latest "Jumanji" sequel, set to premiere Dec. 13, are finished filming scenes in Farmington and the Four Corners Area.

While they were here, stars like Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Jack Black and Kevin Hart shared a lot of pictures and videos on Instagram and YouTube about shooting in New Mexico. 

Jack Black loves shuffleboard

Jack Black filmed himself on location in costume as his character, Professor Sheldon "Shelly" Oberon and playing a shuffleboard in Three Rivers Tap & Game Room. 

"We got our asses handed to us tonight," Black said in a YouTube video after his night out. "I think we came up against Farmington's finest. Those dudes were badass. Carlos and Orlando, hats off to y'all."

Despite losing to the locals, Black still had a "tremendous" time at the bar and in Farmington.

"If you're ever in Farmington, New Mexico, be sure to hit Three Rivers, it's a rad bar and grill. Rad shuffleboard, highly recommend. It's a rad little town," he said.

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Dwayne Johnson encounters fans and hands at the gym

The Rock formed an entire reality competition around his gym workouts, so of course he needed to find a gym in Farmington. 

A lot of fans found him at Defined Fitness.

"While in Farmington, New Mexico, I had to train at a very busy local gym called, DEFINED FITNESS. Highly recommend," Johnson wrote on Instagram. "It required a 3 man security detail because things got a little coo coo crazy with fans approaching me, taking pics etc."

Despite the need for security, Johnson had nothing but love for his admirers, even when they got a bit handsy.

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Johnson also had emotional meetings with Farmington residents outside the gym.

Farmington resident Leonard Castillo lost his mom, Arlene Castillo, in 2008. Leonard told the Daily Times that his mom nicknamed him "The Rock" because he reminded her of Johnson in looks and personality. 

Castillo met Johnson on April 26 and got to share that with him.

Johnson shared the moment on Instagram and wrote, "You’re right brother, she’s looking down at us - and she’s proud of you."

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When Johnson met Jordan Eddleman, Eddleman didn't want anything from the star, but he got something anyway: Johnson's headphones.

"Come to find out he’s a proud firefighter for the Farmington Fire Department and more importantly, he’s a good dude," Johnson shared on Instagram. "Good to meet you Jordan. Stay strong, enjoy the cans 🎧 and thank you for your service."

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Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart thank the Navajo Nation

Filming for the "Jumanji" sequel happened, at least in part, on Navajo land.

Johnson and Kevin Hart both expressed their gratitude and admiration for the Navajo Nation.

"Thank you Navajo Nation and all the Native Americans I’ve been fortunate to meet while filming here on this expansive and incredible land," Johnson wrote on Instagram. "I can see, but most importantly I can feel why your affection and protection of your land is so strong."

"Such an amazing atmosphere here on the Navajo Land ... thank you for welcoming us with open arms 'Dine' which means the people," Hart wrote on Instagram.

As previously reported, Navajo Nation President Jonathan Nez and Vice President Myron Lizer were among tribal officials who met Johnson.

Johnson shared pictures and videos from their meeting on Instagram.

"A very proud Nation and I’m grateful for your time, wisdom about your history & culture - and very encouraging words," Johnson wrote.

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Johnson also met with a Navajo family, who gave him a gift. 

"With every handshake, I feel from them such a deep rooted sense of pride, pain, struggle, joy, humility and strong perseverance," Johnson wrote. "I’m grateful to have been so embraced by our (Navajo) Nation."

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In a New Mexico State Film Office press release, Nez expressed appreciation to the production team and cast for filming on the Navajo Nation.

"This partnership with Sony Pictures allowed the Navajo Nation to internationally display its beautiful landscape and unique culture on a major produced film. It also allowed the Navajo Nation to look forward to many more production opportunities," he said.

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No camels were harmed in the writing of this article

The breakout stars of the "Jumanji" sequel may end up being camels. The furry creatures were definitely the showstoppers of the actors' Instagram accounts.

Karen Gillan rode one. 

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Johnson and Hart rode them, too...

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...Not always with ease, though.

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As previously reported, according to Instagram posts from Johnson, before New Mexico, shooting for the third "Jumanji" film took place in Hawaii; Alberta, Canada; and Atlanta. 

The currently untitled "Jumanji" sequel is slated to premiere Dec. 13.


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