Here's what 'Ancient Aliens' star Giorgio Tsoukalos had to say ahead of El Paso Comic Con

Leah Romero
Las Cruces Sun-News

EL PASO – The 40th anniversary of the El Paso Comic Con will be held April 22-24 with a large array of special guests, including “Ancient Aliens” star Giorgio Tsoukalos.

Comic con kicks off Friday with a party for VIP ticket holders and featured guests at the Hotel Paso del Norte. The following two days are packed with question-and-answer sessions, clinics, costume contests, photo opportunities and more.

Tsoukalos will be in the El Paso area for the full weekend event, starting with a photo op at 7:30 p.m. Friday. He told the Sun-News that he is looking forward to interacting with El Pasoans and New Mexicans alike. This will be his first appearance at the El Paso event.

Giorgio Tsoukalos, of "Ancient Aliens" fame, is one of the special guests appearing at the 40th Anniversary El Paso Comic Con April 22-24, 2022.

“I'm really looking forward to be part of such a long-running event. Forty years, that’s you know, is it possible?” Tsoukalos joked.

Yes it is, Giorgio.

Sharing stories with fans

He explained that most comic con attendees want to talk to him about their love of “Ancient Aliens,” the History Channel show that discusses connections between historical events and extraterrestrial life. People also seek him out at such events to talk about their own experience with aliens, UFOs and more.

New Mexico, particularly Roswell, is known for the UFO sightings in and around the state.

“It’s a difficult thing to first of all process and second of all to talk about,” Tsoukalos said. “So when (people) see a guy like me, then they feel comfortable talking about the potential extraterrestrial encounters that they’ve had.”

He said he keeps most of the stories he’s told by fans confidential as they are “incredibly personal.”

Tsoukalos said the stories can come across as outrageous at first, but a pattern may appear as more stories are shared. He is one person involved with finding and exploring what is happening within the patterns.

Has Giorgio ever had an alien encounter?

However, he did share his own experience with spotting a UFO. Tsoukalos explained that it was August 2014 and he was attending Contact in the Desert, a large UFO conference in Joshua Tree, California. He was with a group at about 10:15 p.m. wearing night vision goggles, which made objects visible in the sky that he described as “technical in origin.” They didn’t move like satellites.

While looking at the sky, someone pointed out that there were two extra stars inside the Big Dipper constellation. Tsoukalos said he watched the lights for about 10 minutes and every two minutes the lights would brighten and dim— not a characteristic of stars. The two lights then moved out of the Big Dipper and vanished, unlike dematerializing in Star Trek.

“All I could wonder that night is, ‘what do the pilots look like?” he said.

Tsoukalos said he finds comic cons important because they’re important to fans. They’re a chance for likeminded people to gather and celebrate the characters, stories and art they enjoy as well as exchange stories.

What's next for 'Ancient Aliens'?

As for “Ancient Aliens,” Tsoukalos said they have been approved for a new season and are currently in preproduction. He will also be going on tour with the show beginning in May to New Jersey, Ohio, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. There will likely be expanded tour dates for the fall.

He also added that when he is not meeting with fans, he plans to walk around, take in the various vendors set up and enjoy the event as he is “one of the biggest nerds out there” and grew up with the comic book culture.

William Shatner of Star Trek fame and Giancarlo Esposito of Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul fame will also be in attendance over the weekend to meet and take photos with area fans.

Comic con tickets are available at the Plaza Theatre Box Office and online at

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