Farmington police seek information on mutilated dog

Steve Garrison
The Daily Times

FARMINGTON — Police are seeking information about a dog that was found mutilated on a dirt trail in northeast Farmington.

The Farmington Police Department said on its Facebook page that the dog was found at about 5 a.m. Thursday by a Farmington police officer who was walking a dirt trail between 30th Street and Cliffside Drive.

Police spokeswoman Georgette Allen said the dog was found near the ConocoPhillips corporate office building at 3401 E. 30th St.

Allen said the mutilation was so severe the dog's breed was not clearly discernible, but it was approximately the size of a beagle.

"There is no question that a human being did this to it," she said.

No owner has been located, and no identification tag was found near the scene of the crime.

Allen said no motive for the killing was apparent, and police have not identified any suspects.

Two people posted on the Farmington Police Department's website stating someone had posted "threats" on their mailboxes.

Allen said police were following up on the claims, but so far it seemed that the threatening messages stemmed from a neighborhood dispute and were unrelated to the mutilation.

This most recent incident of animal cruelty is not the first in San Juan County.

In May, the Martin family reported they had found their dog, Boo, decapitated in a forest near their home in the Anasazi Trailer Court off the Bloomfield Highway. There was also evidence to suggest the dog's legs had been bound.

Stacie Voss, animal welfare director at the Farmington Regional Animal Shelter, said she has seen two or three instances of obvious animal abuse since she began working at the shelter last year.

She said that last year a cat was brought into the shelter that appeared to have been hung from a tree by a wire tied around its waist.

"It could have wrapped itself up accidentally, but it seemed extremely unlikely," she said.

She said, however, that shelter staff see far more animals that have suffered from neglect, rather than outright abuse.

Anyone with information about the mutilated dog is asked to contact the Farmington Police Department's detective tip line at 505-599-1068.

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