Black Friday shoppers in Farmington snap up deals

James Fenton The Daily Times
The Daily Times

FARMINGTON — Black Friday brought brisk business and bleary eyes to Farmington on the day after Thanksgiving.

And with many stores opening their doors at 6 p.m. on Thanksgiving, shoppers had even more opportunities to grab deals.

Sportsman's Warehouse, 4905 E. Main St., opened at 6 a.m. Friday and lured early morning shoppers with door-buster deals, like $10 sleeping bags and electric meat grinders for 50 percent off.

Steve Campbell, an Aztec High School graduate and pilot for the Colorado National Guard, was in town to spend the holidays with his family, but he couldn't resist seeing what the outdoors store had on sale in the firearms department.

"I live in Colorado now, so I can't buy any of these," Campbell said, eyeing a well-stocked wall of Beretta and Bushmaster handguns and rifles behind the counter. "So, pretty much, we're just window shopping today."

Ken Weldin of Bloomfield arrived early to hunt down a Rock Island 10-millimeter handgun, a value-priced clone of the original military G.I M1911 model that he has had his eye on.

"I've wanted this honey for so long. This is like the ones carried in Korea, World War II, 'Nam. It's all steel, heavier than the plastic ones they're making today. It has a nice trigger pull to it," Weldin said, admiring the gun's skeletonized hammer and beaver-tail grip. "When I get it, I'll let Mama (his wife) have my old one for home protection."

Chagrined that the $600 handgun wasn't one of the many on sale, Weldin settled for layaway, put 20 percent down and vowed to return to pay the balance by his birthday in March.

"I'm OK to wait for it," he said. "Mama's buying me a semiautomatic rifle (AR-15) for Christmas."

Taking a rest from the waves of people flooding the aisles at JCPenney at the Animas Valley Mall, Mariah Elote waited in the mall's seating area for her boyfriend to rejoin her before they hunted for deals in the mall's other stores.

"We drove up from Dulce this morning. We left at 6 and got here just before 9, which is later than we originally planned, but we're here," Elote said. "We came here for Black Friday because this is the nearest town to us, unless we were to go to Albuquerque."

By midmorning, Elote had already grabbed up two hoodies, a pair of slippers and assorted socks, items she and her boyfriend bought for themselves.

"These were on sale, but honestly I don't remember how much they were, percent-off-wise," she said. "According to my receipt, I saved $50, so I guess I got a good deal."

Lines in nearly every department at JCPenney's kept cash registers ringing while shoppers cradled clothes, shoes and housewares to purchase.

Tony Clark, the store's manager, said that the store's extended holiday hours brought record turn-out.

"It's been a madhouse," Clark said. "We didn't quite expect the numbers of people we've seen, but we've definitely won our holiday season."

Clark said the store's door-buster deals, like pillows for $2.99 and shoes for as low as $10 a pair, seemed to please customers.

"Blankets, comforter sets and shoes -- people've been grabbin' them left and right," he said.

Across town at SNS Skateshop, 123 W. Main St., owner Daniel Diswood also saw sales rise on Friday as some Black Friday shoppers sought a semblance of shopping sanity along the downtown corridor.

"Since we moved to this location, this is our first real holiday season here, and we've done better than in the past," Diswood said.

Diswood sold a complete skateboard, a Madrid Nessie longboard and a snowboard by early afternoon, he said.

"A bunch of people came in and bought skateboard decks and accessory stuff like slide gloves (for longboarders), stickers and shirts," he said. "I've got one guy who said he'd come back to get a snowboard. Pretty sure he'll be back to get it. He was psyched."

James Fenton covers Aztec and Bloomfield for The Daily Times. He can be reached at 505-564-4621 and Follow him @fentondt on Twitter.