SILVER CITY — Silver City got off to a slow start on the morning after election day, but as the day wore on, it was back to business as usual.

As results are finalized across the country, downtown was slow to get back into the usual routine — traffic was sparse and some usual morning hotspots like coffee shops and restaurants didn't have their normal patronage.

In the afternoon, people began to get back into their routine, but not everyone was over the election.

"I have been trying not to think about it, honestly," Kevin Humble said as he picked up mail from the post office. "There's been a sense of hopelessness about this election. I'm just hoping that Obama can take us to the place we need to be, but I think the corporate power of America is too much for even him."

The election was a long road, but election opinions varied a lot in both orientation and intensity.

"She works really hard for the schools," Emilie Roybal said of Rep. Dianne Hamilton as she played dominoes with friends at the Silver City Senior Center Wednesday.

Beside her, Ron Wilson disagreed saying the incumbent state representative for District 38 had been in office for too long.

On the national stage, Wilson thinks Tuesday's election didn't offer enough change.

"We need to get rid of all of Congress and start over," he said.

While politics bubbled up to the surface of conversation, the domino players seemed ready to move on for the most part.

"While I may not be happy about who is president, I'll still pray for Mr.


Obama because I'm an American and we have to support our leaders," Roybal said.

This accepting and back-to-business feeling was common to those across Silver City.

At the Silver Clipper barbershop, it was just another Wednesday. Hardly anyone even brought up the election, sticking to the more familiar barbershop banter.

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