LAS CRUCES — Las Cruces Pagan Pride Day celebrated tolerance and diversity Saturday at Young Park with ceremonies, dance, song, workshops and fun hands-on activities for kids.

Families, kids, philosophers, artists, dancers, dogs and ducks communed on a breezy, sunny day.

On the main stage, a group of colorfully garbed dancers showed children some new moves.

Patricia Brkich of Albuquerque, in an elegant white, feather-trimmed hat, chatted with clairvoyant artist Barbara Besser of Silver City, who tended a booth full of her painted works that included rocks in ethereal hues.

"They have a lot of energy," Besser said.

"It's very peaceful and loving event. Las Cruces tends to be a really open and accepting community," said Victor Gibbs, a coordinator of the event.

To celebrate hopes and dreams for the community, visitors tied ribbons to a handmade basket as a symbol of joining or renewing ties.

The annual event is "designed to promote peace and understanding among diverse religious groups, to celebrate freedom of religion and honor those who were martyred for their spiritual beliefs," according to organizers.