FARMINGTON — Every championship football team needs that athlete who has the potential to break a game open anytime they touch the ball.

Nobody has filled that role better for Farmington High this season than Kyle Reynolds.

Whether it's been on offense, defense or special teams, Reynolds has come up with big plays at important times all season for the Scorpions and is a major reason why FHS is one win away from a championship.

"The best way to describe him is he just has that knack of getting things done," said FHS head coach Gary Bradley. "That covers it all. We'll coach him up and tell him the basic plan, then he takes it from there."

Reynolds made his presence felt during the final moments of the Scorpions' semifinal victory against Belen.

With the Scorps holding a 14-7 lead against the Eagles and under a minute to play, Reynolds intercepted Belen quarterback Chris Peralta at the FHS 18-yard line, sealing the win.

The FHS senior was also crucial on the drive that scored the Scorps' second touchdown of the game.

After Belen had tied the game 7-7 on the prior possession, Reynolds came up with a diving, 30-yard catch that put FHS in the red zone. The Scorps capitalized five plays later when Brian Farley dove into the end zone for the game-winning touchdown.

Reynolds said one constant team saying is to make the most of every opportunity and that is the back of his mind every time he touches the ball.

"We always talk about opportunity, and anytime I get the chance, I take it," he said. "We all know we'll get our chances to make plays and nobody on this team is selfish. Everybody does their jobs."

Reynolds has also made a name for himself on special teams as one of the most dangerous kick returners in 4A.

In the quarterfinals, Valencia made the mistake of punting to the Scorps while trailing 14-0. Reynolds returned the kick 47 yards for a touchdown to give FHS a three score lead and essentially put the game out of reach.

"He changes the way coaches approach special teams," Bradley said. "They either say were not going to kick it to No. 7 and that effects most high school kickers. It's not easy to do. Or they say they're going to be disciplined and cover the right way and take that chance. It changes the special teams game for opponents."

Bradley said Reynolds' knowledge of the game and ability to make plays at any time make him one of the rare guys he's coached that he just can't take off the field.

"He's a coach on the field. I know we've all heard that before, but it's absolutely true. He has no problem coming up to coaches and asking questions. He's not trying to step on toes. He's just out there trying to win," Bradley said. "He's not the biggest guy or the fastest, but he's a fierce competitor. You put that knowledge with that competitive nature and that's why he doesn't leave the field.

"We've had a few, but I don't know how many we've had that had an impact all over -- special teams, offense and defense -- that's tough to do. You'll have some guys that don't leave the field, and they are solid players but he's a guy that can make a big play at any moment."

Reynolds prides himself on being a physical player and said that aspect of the game is his favorite part.

"I like the hitting mentality more than the offensive mentality," he said. "I carry that over to the wide receiver spot with my blocking."

Normally in December, Reynolds would be getting ready for basketball season, but he felt coming into the season that this year could be different.

"We knew this senior year was going to be something special," he said. "We have a good senior group and knew we'd go far. The basketball coaches are telling me just to keep on going."

With one final game left in his high school career, Reynolds said he and his teammates aren't satisfied just playing for a state championship, their goal is to win it.

"We've dreamed about this since our freshman year. Every year that I've been playing we've made the playoffs, but when we beat Belen there was just a wave of emotion that came over the seniors," Reynolds said. "We still have that one more game, and we're not stopping here. I was very impressed when I came in Monday. No one is satisfied with second place. We're not just happy to be here. We're here to take it."

Joshua Perry covers sports for The Daily Times. He can be reached at 505-564-4577 or Follow him on Twitter @jperrysuu.

10 Questions with Kyle Reynolds

Favorite pregame meal: : I like to eat a protein bar and some chicken nuggets that my mom makes for me.

Favorite band: Usually a few hours before the game, I listen to some 80s, but as the game gets closer, I start to listen to Skrillex and stuff like that.

Favorite movie: Remember The Titans

Favorite athlete:Tyrann Mathieu.

Favorite and least favorite class: My favorite class is probably anatomy, because I like to learn about the body and how to fix it, and my least favorite class is English. I suck at writing essays.

Favorite team: I like college better than the pros so either LSU or BYU.

Dream Vacation: Hawaii.

Dream car: A white Lamborghini.

If you could have any superpower, what would you pick:  Super strength.

Plans after graduating from high school: I'll work a little and go a mission for my church for two years. Then I'll come back and hopefully play some D1 or D2.