FARMINGTON — A high speed chase ended with two people in custody Friday afternoon.

The chase began shortly before 2 p.m. near Waterflow and reached speeds of 110 mph, according to police scanner radio traffic.

New Mexico State Police Lt. Robert Eshon said a police officer witnessed a minor hit-and-run accident and attempted to stop the suspect vehicle. The vehicle then fled west on U.S. Highway 64 toward the Navajo reservation.

The pursuit continued through Shiprock and turned south at mile marker 11, west of Shiprock.

Police pursued the vehicle down a dirt road, according to the scanner. While pursuing, one of the police officers rammed the vehicle, but the vehicle still did not stop.

According to the scanner, the vehicle was often driving in the center of the road.

Around 2:20 p.m., police performed a PIT maneuver, successfully stopping the car and took the two occupants into custody. A PIT maneuver is a technique used to force a car to turn sideways. The pursuing vehicle will align its front wheels with the fleeing vehicle and steer into the fleeing vehicle, causing the vehicle's back wheels to loose traction and skid.

According to the scanner, the car's driver was a male and speeds ranged from 95 to 110 mph throughout the chase.

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