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Even to a claustrophobe, the narrow cave between two giant boulders felt strangely inviting. When I squirmed into the dim coolness on my belly and flipped over onto my back, I could see why: This was a sacred place.  
Chryss Cada, Special to The Denver Post
Apparently I missed the "downhill" before "mountain biking" when I signed up to give the sport a try. It wasn't until I unhooked my bike at the top of Crested Butte's Red Lady Lift that I realized the only way left to go was down.  
Brett Prettyman/The Salt Lake Tribune /
Boundary Waters, Minn. » The idea of flipping an 18 1/2-foot, 42-pound canoe over your head and hauling it a mile on your shoulders may not immediately be considered a fun trip.   Full Story

Author William Least Heat Moon calls the ribbons of two-lane road across the United States "Blue Highways" because they were once colored blue on maps.   Full Story

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