Everyone loves a good underdog story. And when it revolves around a local team, it's even sweeter.

Heading into Saturday's Class 4A Football State Championship game, Farmington High's team was the archetypal underdog.

Although ranked as the No. 2 team in Class 4A, the Scorpions faced No. 1 ranked Goddard High School out of Roswell. The powerhouse Rockets came into the matchup as the defending state champions. They boasted an impressive resume, claiming eight titles since 1967.

Meanwhile, the Scorpions had appeared in just two state title games -- in 1960 and 1962. They lost both of those games. Until Saturday, the football team's lone state title came in 1952, one year before New Mexico's playoff system was created.

As is the case with all great underdog stories, the Scorpions beat the odds and came out on top, beating the Rockets 7-0 at Hutchison Stadium thanks to an outstanding defensive strategy.

We want to congratulate the Scorpions and their coaches and families on a stellar year. You had a spectacular season and you made history. And we also want to commend the community for stepping up and supporting the football team.

Let's face it -- Farmington is a baseball town.

We've hosted the Connie Mack World Series since 1965, and Ricketts Park is the backdrop of many memorable sports moments. For four consecutive years from 2005 to 2008, Farmington High School won the 4A Baseball State Championship. In 2010 and 2011, Piedra Vista claimed the championship.

But the community embraced Farmington High's football team and rallied around the players. The semifinals game against Belen High School was well-attended. And the week before the championship game, businesses throughout the city displayed signs supporting the team. The championship game was standing-room only, and the throng of fans cheering the Scorpions on was powerful.

After the Scorps earned the title, head coach Gary Bradley called it a "total team effort," commenting on how the community, school and team came together. We couldn't agree more. As much as the state title means to Farmington High's football team, it also means a lot to the fans and supporters. It highlights the power of a united community.

So congratulations to our state champions and the community that encouraged them. You've both made us proud.