Letter: Thanks to rescuers, stranded man's life saved

05/16/2015 01:54 PM MDT

I recently had a business scheduled to do a service for me on my property. This business called me to reschedule their service for another day, saying they had a story that would explain why.

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Letter: Honor the nation's fallen service members
05/16/2015 01:53 PM MDT -

Some call the American flag, the Star Spangled Banner, Stars and Stripes, Old Glory, the Red, White and Blue, and Freedom's Flag. I call it "Our Flag", the symbol of "our" United States of America, the Land of the Free, One nation under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all.

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Letter: PRC should OK San Juan Generating Station plan
05/16/2015 01:51 PM MDT - Editors note: The following is an open letter from George Sharpe to commissioners on the Public Regulation Commission regarding a proposal before the commission that, if approved, would allow the San Juan Generating Station to continue operations. Full Story

Letter: Mother's Day
05/09/2015 12:41 PM MDT -


We all look forward to this Sunday, May 10, when we celebrate Mother's Day and the cherished bond between mother and child. Ironically, dairy cows, worldwide symbols of motherhood, never get to see their babies.

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Letter: Climate changes daily, but is not affected by man
05/09/2015 12:40 PM MDT -


Your "suicide note" political cartoon in your April 27 newspaper was very offensive. It berated Congressional Republicans for blocking attempts to fight climate change. Climate changes daily, but is not affected by man. There has been no significant rise in global temperatures in more than 10 years. Because of this truth, the purveyors of "global warming" changed their mantra to "climate change," but their real socialist purpose remains unchanged — to increase our taxes, limit our energy usage, destroy the American middle class, redistribute our wealth, limit our freedoms, ultimately to destroy U.S. capitalism and reduce our status to that of the rest of the world.

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Letter: Thank you, Four Corners
05/09/2015 12:41 PM MDT - Editor: We want to report the success of the 2015 Great Strides Walk to Cure Cystic Fibrosis. Full Story

Letter: Public still supports alternative energy.
05/02/2015 05:49 PM MDT - Marita Noon's recent column ("It is a bad time to be in the renewable energy industry", April 29) was correct in suggesting opponents of renewable fuels like wind power and biodiesel are making it a challenging public policy environment. However, the public has continued to demonstrate its support for alternative energy and policies, like the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS), that support their growth. Full Story

Letter: Thanks to career day participants
05/02/2015 05:47 PM MDT - Editor: I am a gifted education teacher at Heights Middle School.  Full Story

LETTER: New Adam Sandler Netflix comedy is not funny.
05/02/2015 05:45 PM MDT - Editor: As many of you have heard by now, a made for Netflix film is being filmed in Northern New Mexico; featuring some big named celebrities, yet an issue has risen that quite frankly has disturbed me and so many others. Full Story

Letter: The choices made now will decide our future
04/18/2015 02:41 PM MDT -

I am writing you about something I feel is very important. We are at a crucial point in history, and the choices made by individuals all across this country are going to be the deciding factor in our future.

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(Gregory Bull/AP)
Sea lion impaled with spear rescued in Southern California

SAN DIEGO (AP) — A giant sea lion impaled by a homemade spear is recovering at SeaWorld after being rescued just off the Southern California coast. Full Story
Medical examiner says food critic drowned during seizure

CHICAGO (AP) — The Cook County medical examiner's office says food critic Josh Ozersky, who was found dead in a Chicago hotel room earlier this month, drowned in a shower while suffering a seizure. Full Story
( Randy McMullen )
Emma Stone, Andrew Garfield reunited?

'The Amazing Spider-Man' co-stars have been spotted together around L.A. amid reports their romance is back on.