Letter: Protect the environment and get charged and surcharged for doing so.

07/25/2014 01:52 PM MDT
Editor: My family and I left for vacation on July 1st. This is our regular trash and recycling day and it was picked up before we left. 
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Letter: Increasing wage doesn't affect job numbers
07/25/2014 01:49 PM MDT - Editor: Though Governor Martinez says she is in favor of raising the minimum wage, she vetoed a bill last year to raise it by one dollar to $8. Full Story

Letter: Code Compliance (Not Really)!
07/25/2014 01:48 PM MDT - Editor: I used to have a recreational vehicle sitting in my driveway. The city of Farmington sent me a letter and told me I needed to remove it, since it was too close to the sidewalk and the street. Full Story

Letter: The U.S.A. will end up being no longer rich and no longer free
07/19/2014 09:26 PM MDT - Editor: I and many other citizens are appalled at how our country is being destroyed by our open southern border with thousands of people flooding into our country, many of them CHILDREN! Full Story

Letter: U.S. Marshal service assists in suicides!
07/18/2014 03:20 PM MDT - Editor: In your article concerning the U.S. Marshal who assisted in (Marszalek's) suicide. This shows clearly the arrogance and cavalier view of death by the San Juan County law enforcement. Full Story

Letter: All slimy creatures (except lawyers and politicians) would have to be protected.
07/18/2014 03:19 PM MDT - Editor: When you get to be my age, you seldom get a new idea. One day after reading the Daily Time's scientific weather forecast for the upcoming week, an idea so profound and obvious struck me like a bolt of lightning. Full Story

Letter: And the White House is mad at Hobby Lobby?
07/12/2014 05:25 PM MDT - Editor: My friend Fred is real mad at his boss for not paying for the prostitute he sees in Vegas twice a year. Full Story

Letter: I am tired of reading about the senseless preventable accidents involving ATVs.
07/12/2014 05:24 PM MDT - Editor: I am a resident of San Juan County and live in the Bloomfield area. I feel compelled to write this letter in an attempt to draw attention to a very serious but preventable problem. Full Story

Letter: Thank you OSHA.
07/12/2014 05:23 PM MDT - Editor: With the help of three young ladies doing community service, I was able to do a big clean up on my property. Full Story

Letter: Is the postmaster a grounds keeper?
06/28/2014 10:06 AM MDT - Editor: In response to the story about responsibility of the Farmington post office grounds maintenance; Mayor: Post Office Grounds "A Mess" article, dated June 26, 2014, the question arises as to whom is responsible to keep the weeds trimmed, the trash picked up, and roads maintained. Full Story

No ticket for Shrek over loud musical, chief says

PORTSMOUTH, N.H. (AP) — A musical being performed in a New Hampshire park has drawn some noise complaints, but the deputy police chief says he's "not giving Shrek a ticket. Full Story
Sarah Palin launches online subscription channel

NEW YORK (AP) — Sarah Palin is starting her own subscription-based online network. The Sarah Palin Channel, which went live on Sunday, bills itself as a "direct connection" for the former Alaska governor and GOP vice presidential candidate with her supporters, bypassing media filters. Full Story