Letter: Uranium mining should not be permitted.

04/18/2014 05:55 PM MDT
Editor: I would like to congratulate the winners of the recent Farmington People's Choice art exhibit in Farmington. 
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Letter: Thanks to McKinley Elementary School staff, who give your all to our kids.
04/18/2014 05:52 PM MDT - Editor: Twenty some years ago, I wrote a letter similar to this to The Daily Times about McKinley Elementary School. Full Story

Letter: A recourse to budgetary inaction, April 10.
04/18/2014 05:51 PM MDT - Editor: Congress should be balancing its budget every year. But some leaders in Washington are far too quick to think the only way to do this is cut benefits for groups like veterans. Full Story

Letter: People's Choice Art Exhibit
04/12/2014 12:11 PM MDT - Editor: The second annual "People's Choice – a unique art exhibit in historic downtown Farmington" took place from March 15 through the Spring Art Walk on April 4. Full Story

Letter: Thank you to the Clean Up for Seniors program.
04/12/2014 12:10 PM MDT - Editor: I want everyone to know how much I appreciated the people that came and cleaned up my yard. These volunteers really worked hard and they said they had two more places that they had to clean after helping me. Full Story

Letter: Statement from Speaker Pro Tem LoRenzo Bates regarding current circumstances of Council.
04/12/2014 12:10 PM MDT - DinĂ© Citizens and Members of the 22nd Navajo Nation Council: As Speaker Pro Tem of the 22nd Navajo Nation Council, I feel that it is imperative to provide an update to the Navajo people and to my fellow Council colleagues regarding ongoing circumstances with the Navajo Nation Legislative Branch. Full Story

Letter: New Grading System - 0 percent is now 55 percent.
04/04/2014 04:02 PM MDT - Editor: I have attended three meetings on the new grading system that the Farmington School District has adopted. Full Story

Letter: Thank you for helping to enrich my student's educational experiences.
04/04/2014 04:01 PM MDT - Editor: I teach 7th grade Gifted Education at Heights Middle School. One of the teacher/student standards for Gifted Education is to utilize community members to help enrich student's educational experiences. Full Story

LETTER: You don't like the Ten Commandments because of the reference to God.
03/28/2014 05:02 PM MDT - Editor: You should do your homework before you publish an editorial like the one in Sunday's paper concerning the Ten Commandments. Full Story

LETTER: The county is fearfully headed in the wrong direction.
03/28/2014 05:00 PM MDT - Editor: After reading Ryan Boetel's front page article "County Charges Bannowsky" in the Feb. 22, Daily Times, it occurred to me that we are fearfully headed in the wrong direction. Full Story

Going nuts? Turkey looks to pistachios to heat new eco-city

Pistachios are already a key ingredient in Turkish baklava, but the country may now have found a new way to exploit the nuts known as "green gold" -- by using their shells to heat a new eco-city. Full Story
(Matt Rourke)
Boston Marathon is ready to be run again

A year after a pair of homemade pressure-cooker bombs killed three people and wounded more than 260 others at the Boston Marathon, runners and spectators began filtering in Monday morning at the starting line in Hopkinton amid tight security. Full Story
(Chris Pizzello)
Lindsay Lohan reveals she suffered a miscarriage

The 27-year-old actress made the disclosure during Sunday's final episode of "Lindsay," the OWN cable channel series. Full Story