Guest Editorial: The lessons of Baltimore, Ferguson and too many places

05/06/2015 01:00 PM MDT
Half a century ago, in the weeks between the bloody beating of civil rights marchers by Alabama state troopers on Selma's Edmund Pettus Bridge and the six days of looting, arson and death in Watts, it would have seemed unthinkable that people then living would see an African American as president of the United States, or as a mayor or police chief in a city like Baltimore. 
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Guest Editorial: Shake-up in the House of Saud
05/05/2015 08:15 AM MDT - A 4 a.m. communique from Riyadh last week detailed one of the most momentous political shake-ups in the history of Saudi Arabia. Full Story

Guest Editorial: A wise ruling on campaign finance
05/04/2015 10:21 PM MDT - The Supreme Court led by Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. hasn't been friendly to legislative attempts to reduce the corrupting influence of money in election campaigns. Full Story

Editorial roundup: Excerpts from recent editorials in newspapers in the United States and abroad
05/02/2015 05:54 PM MDT - Chronicling a wide world of government waste We were saddened to see the consummate government watchdog Tom Coburn, R-Okla. Full Story

Column: Sharer right to tackle tax reform, again
05/02/2015 05:49 PM MDT - State Sen. Bill Sharer, a Farmington Republican, probably feels like he's banging his head on a brick wall. Full Story

Editorial Ups and Downs: Highs and lows from last week's headlines
05/01/2015 08:03 AM MDT - DOWN — Fire department officials are preparing for the worst, but hoping for several weeks of intermittent rain that can put a damper on the coming wildfire season. Full Story

Guest Editorial: This campaign season, go beyond ideology
04/30/2015 08:54 AM MDT - Perhaps the scariest thing about humans is their profound discomfort with ambiguity, and their concomitant desire to know things for sure, to have all the answers, and to demand that others believe exactly as they do. Full Story

Guest Editorial: A loss for Comcast, a win for consumers
04/29/2015 07:51 AM MDT - Comcast's decision last week to abandon its bid to acquire Time Warner Cable was a victory for consumers. Full Story

Editorial Ups and Downs: Highs and lows from last week's headlines
04/24/2015 07:58 AM MDT - UP — First, congratulations to Russell Begaye and Jonathan Nez who received the most votes for president and vice president, respectively, in Tuesday's Navajo Nation elections. Full Story

Guest Editorial: Bad science undermines justice
04/23/2015 07:49 AM MDT - The number of near absolutes in a new nationwide review of shabby forensics used to secure convictions is devastating: For more than two decades prior to 2000, nearly every examiner in an elite FBI forensic unit presented flawed evidence in almost every trial in which hair-comparison testimony was provided. Full Story

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Author faces heckler at forum about book on Missoula rapes

MISSOULA, Mont. (AP) — A Missoula audience gave the best-selling author of a book about the city's mishandling of rape cases a standing ovation and then booed a heckler who had elbowed his way to the stage and called Jon Krakauer a liar. Full Story