Editorial: Crisis in Venezuela: Too much crime, not enough toilet paper

04/15/2014 07:18 PM MDT
Not everyone in Venezuela is shouting in the streets about crime, inflation and the country's continuing slide toward authoritarian rule. 
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San Juan College employees to see health insurance increases
04/14/2014 08:42 PM MDT - FARMINGTON — San Juan College faculty and staff will see a small rise in health care costs as the college changes benefits providers in the new financial year. Full Story

Editorial: Congress, extend jobless benefits, again
04/14/2014 11:29 AM MDT - How's this for irony: Having allowed federal unemployment benefits to run out in December, some lawmakers are balking at a bill to renew them retroactively because it might be hard to figure out who should receive them. Full Story

Editorial: Piecemeal zoning makes little sense
04/12/2014 12:15 PM MDT - As promised, San Juan County commissioners are taking up zoning in a piecemeal fashion that most likely will result in some unintended — and unpleasant — consequences. Full Story

Editorial: GM's Mary Barra fails to reassure an angry Congress
04/12/2014 12:09 PM MDT - Mary Barra, General Motors' new chief executive officer, was in a tough spot last week as she tried to explain to Congress why her company didn't quickly recall cars it knew contained defective and clearly dangerous parts. Full Story

Editorial roundup: Excerpts from recent editorials in newspapers in the United States and abroad
04/12/2014 11:58 AM MDT - The success of the gray wolf means it lives The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service's update on the status of gray wolves in the West, which it released last week, amounted to an implicit plug for its proposal to lift federal protections for the creature across the lower 48 states. Full Story

Editorial: Study should spur action to protect water
04/09/2014 04:34 PM MDT - Alarming findings from the San Juan Watershed Group's testing of the Animas, La Plata and San Juan rivers are a call to action. Full Story

Editorial: Lyndon Johnson's political genius brought us the Civil Rights Act
04/08/2014 02:54 PM MDT - The assassination of President John F. Kennedy on a sunny day in Dallas, the murder of Medgar Evers as he stood in his Jackson, Miss. Full Story

Editorial: An FDA success story on antibiotics
04/07/2014 01:54 PM MDT - Skeptics scoffed late last year when the Food and Drug Administration issued guidelines to restrict the use of antibiotics in livestock. Most of the antibiotic use in this country is in the agriculture industry, with the drugs routinely added to animal feed to promote growth and prevent infections from sweeping through crowded and unsanitary operations.  Full Story

Editorial: The right to buy speech
04/04/2014 04:04 PM MDT - The inevitability of Wednesday's U.S. Supreme Court decision to wreck another bulwark against the buying of our political system doesn't diminish its significance. Full Story

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An Indonesian governor wants to stop adultery with prayer

An Indonesian governor said Wednesday he has ordered all civil servants in a central province to attend mass prayer sessions and religious sermons in a bid to stop adultery. Full Story
Gmail makes sending mobile photos easier

Now, you can insert an assortment of pictures or photo albums directly into email, resize them within the message and make sharing with friends and family less of a time-consuming process overall. Full Story
Come visit FX's darkly fun 'Fargo'

The beauty of "Fargo" is watching its plainspoken inhabitants from above, knowing full well who is responsible for what, and giggling as the worst of them dig themselves deeper and deeper into a hole. Full Story