Column: State of National Parks in New Mexico

06/03/2015 11:21 AM MDT
This Memorial Day Weekend, droves of visitors will travel to national parks across the country. Often called "America's best idea," our national parks protect our most treasured natural and historic landmarks, but when visitors come to parks like Carlsbad Caverns National Park this weekend, they'll come face-to-face with part of the Park System's $11. 
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Column: How Important is San Juan Generating Station to New Mexico?
06/03/2015 11:20 AM MDT - How important is affordable electricity, 811 jobs and $40 million a year in royalties/taxes to New Mexico? Full Story

Column: Working together to strike a balance for Greater Chaco
06/03/2015 11:18 AM MDT - Working together is tough, and learning to trust one another when facing big decisions can be even tougher. Full Story

Column: Thank You, Nebraska Republicans!
06/03/2015 07:54 AM MDT - I've never quite understood why Republicans will jump to trash talk big government — all while embracing the death penalty. Full Story

Column: A taste of things to come for electricity consumers and generators
06/03/2015 07:52 AM MDT - One year ago, Gina McCarthy, Environmental Protection Agency administrator, announced the controversial centerpiece of the Obama Administration's climate change legacy: the Clean Power Plan, or CPP — slated for finalization this summer. Full Story

Energy Column: Another domino falls for anti-fossil fuel crusaders
05/27/2015 09:48 AM MDT - Throughout the United States, especially in communities with existing or potential oil and gas development, outside groups have moved in with a vengeance and agitated the population, resulting in bans against all exploration for hydrocarbons and/or the use of hydraulic fracturing. Full Story

Column: Hillary Clinton's hypocrisy
05/27/2015 09:47 AM MDT - WASHINGTON — In a private meeting last week with 200 of the Democratic Party's top financiers, Hillary Clinton drew vigorous applause when she said any of her nominees to the Supreme Court would have to share her desire to overturn the Citizens United decision. Full Story

Column: What will America look like if the environmentalists win?
05/21/2015 08:39 AM MDT - In every war, there are winners and losers. Whether the war is ideological or physical, or even if a truce is declared — there are still battles that end in victory or defeat. Full Story

Column: War lessons for the GOP
05/21/2015 08:38 AM MDT - WASHINGTON — The exhausting, occasionally horrifying experience of the Afghanistan and Iraq wars still makes it difficult for political figures to say obvious things about the past. Full Story

Column: Nepal gives bootstrap entrepreneurism a new meaning
05/16/2015 02:33 PM MDT - From the surprising number of tourism-related features, I assumed they had government help. In this poor but well established mecca for adventure travelers, the hiking trails were well developed, nicely painted signs directed hikers to the different hotels, English was widely spoken. Full Story

Uneven 'Wild Bill Wellman' revisits director's fiery life

"Wild Bill Wellman: Hollywood Rebel" (Pantheon), by William Wellman Jr. The silver biplane that had performed a few stunts over actor Douglas Fairbanks' polo party taxied to a stop at the far end of the field. Full Story