Column: Downed airliner shows risks of giving arms in conflicts

07/25/2014 02:04 PM MDT
The bodies and debris that rained from the Ukrainian sky offer a cautionary lesson about the danger of giving heavy weapons to non-state actors. 
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Column: Hollywood Liberals Stand Down for Israel
07/25/2014 02:03 PM MDT - Once again Israel is being forced to defend itself from the terrorists who run Gaza. Once again Israel has had to drop bombs and send tanks and ground troops into Gaza to blow up tunnels and destroy the missile sites Hamas has been using to rain hundreds of rockets down on Israel's farms and cities. Full Story

Column: In Oregon, a doctor calls
07/25/2014 02:02 PM MDT - PORTLAND, Ore. — "Are you kidding?" This is Monica Wehby's amiable response to people who wonder whether she will be able to bear the pressures of office if she wins her race as a Republican Senate candidate. Full Story

Column: CCSD Must Remain Competitive with Salaries
07/25/2014 01:59 PM MDT - The Central Consolidated School District must remain competitive with teacher and staff salaries – especially to attract new teachers, and to keep our experienced ones. Full Story

Column: Thank you Daily Times for the opportunity to present our point of view on the CCSD contract negotiations
07/25/2014 01:57 PM MDT - Central Consolidated Education Association, or CCEA, would like to thank The Daily Times for the opportunity to present our point of view on the recent developments in the contract negotiations with Central Consolidated School District, or CCSD. Full Story

Column: Open New Mexico primaries to get better government
07/25/2014 01:56 PM MDT - In a primary election in the not too distant future, a handful of voters will come tottering into the polls on walkers and canes and decide which candidates everyone will vote on in the general election. Full Story

Column: Strangers at Our Door A Crisis for American Christians
07/25/2014 01:54 PM MDT - In the words of Pope Francis, America is experiencing a "humanitarian emergency." Fleeing instability and violence in Central America, a human tide of thousands of refugees, many of them unaccompanied children, has been flooding across our southern border. Full Story

Limousine liberalism's good works
07/25/2014 01:53 PM MDT - Is it hypocritical for a really, really rich person to object to rising inequality? I've been thinking about this in light of the derision the Clintons are facing for charging six-figure speaking fees while pontificating about income polarization and the plight of the poor. Full Story

Column: What would Jesus say?
07/24/2014 04:37 PM MDT - Conservatives are quick to embrace religious figures who agree with them on issues like abortion, same-sex marriage, and the right of business owners to deny contraception coverage to their employees. Full Story

Column: Gaza crisis presents a rare moment of moral clarity
07/24/2014 04:36 PM MDT - Israel accepts an Egyptian-proposed Gaza cease-fire; Hamas keeps firing. Hamas deliberately aims rockets at civilians; Israel painstakingly tries to avoid them, actually telephoning civilians in the area and dropping warning charges, so-called roof knocking. Full Story

No ticket for Shrek over loud musical, chief says

PORTSMOUTH, N.H. (AP) — A musical being performed in a New Hampshire park has drawn some noise complaints, but the deputy police chief says he's "not giving Shrek a ticket. Full Story
(Charlie Neibergall/AP)
Sarah Palin launches online subscription channel

NEW YORK (AP) — Sarah Palin has started her own subscription-based online network. The Sarah Palin Channel, which went live on Sunday, bills itself as a "direct connection" between the former Alaska governor and GOP vice presidential candidate and her supporters, with "no need to please the powers-that-be," Palin says in a video mission Full Story