• 'Jesse returns to her favorite course - 07/30/2015 08:05 PM MDT
  • First Voices festival held in Kirtland - 07/29/2015 04:45 PM MDT
    (Courtesy photo by Taylor Rae)
    First Voices festival held in Kirtland

    Two longtime friends renew their efforts to inspire Native youth to pursue careers in arts, media
    07/29/2015 04:45 PM MDT
    FARMINGTON — Allie Young was just finishing her freshman year at Kirtland Central High School in 2010 with her pal Jourdan Bennett-Begaye when the time came to plan something special for the final meeting of a movie club they had started at the school. 
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    San Franciso band Slim Jenkins headed to Aztec
    07/29/2015 04:40 PM MDT - FARMINGTON — It was five years ago when Justin Oliver got his new band, Slim Jenkins, together for its first rehearsal. Full Story

    Santa Fe art show to have strong Four Corners presence
    07/29/2015 04:36 PM MDT - FARMINGTON — An art exhibition opening next weekend at a new Santa Fe gallery will include a strong Four Corners presence, as three local Diné artists will have their work featured and a local band will provide the music for the opening reception. Full Story

    Bloomfield library presents evening with New Mexico mystery writer
    07/29/2015 04:22 PM MDT - FARMINGTON — When David and Aimée Thurlo sat down to write a book together, they had a well-honed system that allowed them to be very productive, usually generating two books a year. Full Story

    Farmington metal act Signal 99 prepares for release of new album
    07/22/2015 02:51 PM MDT - FARMINGTON — For as long as he can remember, music — specifically heavy metal music — has provided Chuck Haven with a means of dealing with the despair and anger that too often seemed to go hand in hand with growing up on the Navajo reservation. Full Story

    Feat of Clay gallery in Aztec opens inaugural Garden Show
    07/22/2015 02:39 PM MDT - FARMINGTON — Growing up in sunny Andalusia, Spain, a region on that country's southern coast, Toni Trosky said colorful pottery was a part of everyday life — it was used for functional purposes throughout her family's home, as well as being a fixture on every patio. Full Story

    Farmington library's second Pallet Throwdown set this weekend
    07/22/2015 02:35 PM MDT - FARMINGTON — Those who choose to enter a project in the Pallet Throwdown II planned for Saturday, July 25 at the Farmington Public Library won't have to abide by many rules — just one, in fact. Full Story

    Kelly Richey joins four other acts at annual blues festival in Aztec
    07/15/2015 02:29 PM MDT - FARMINGTON — Kelly Richey's introduction to her musical instrument of choice came in the form of a surrender on the part of her father. Full Story

    Farmington couple opens art show at Studio 116
    07/15/2015 02:29 PM MDT - FARMINGTON — There's nothing complicated about the philosophy Robb Rocket applies to life. "Do art, have fun," the Farmington artist said by phone last week while enjoying a family reunion in Colorado with his wife and fellow artist Tina Marie Farrow, a. Full Story

    Farmington children's theater group prepares to raise curtain on 'Little Mermaid'
    07/15/2015 02:16 PM MDT - FARMINGTON — For the past six years, director Stephanie Storhaug has spent two months each summer shepherding dozens of local youngsters through the annual Heather McGaughey Children's Theatre program, delivering two productions each season of the same play. Full Story

    Australian seated beside overweight passenger sues Etihad

    BRISBANE, Australia (AP) — Etihad Airways said Friday that it will continue to fight a lawsuit by a passenger who says he was left with back pain because he was seated beside an overweight man on a 14-hour flight from the United Arab Emirates to Sydney. Full Story
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    Paul Simon joins U2 onstage at NYC's Madison Square Garden

    NEW YORK (AP) — The special guests at U2's concert Thursday night included Paul Simon, Lou Reed's widow and the woman who called 911 when Bono fell off his bike in New York City last year. Full Story