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Denver bluesman performs at Crash Music in Aztec

Moses Walker takes an unusual approach to almost every aspect of his music career
03/27/2015 03:28 PM MDT
FARMINGTON — The way bluesman Moses Walker figures it, the fact that he isn't the world's most accomplished guitarist actually has worked to his advantage, helping him generate a unique sound. 
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Oscar-winning documentary 'CitizenFour' to be shown at San Juan College
03/27/2015 03:23 PM MDT - FARMINGTON — Christopher Schipper, San Juan College director of library services, describes the film "CitizenFour," which is showing on the school's campus tonight, as "incredibly topical and relevant" — and not just because it won an Academy Award last for Best Documentary Feature last month. Full Story

Aztec artist's work featured in show at Crash Music at Aztec Theater
03/26/2015 04:17 PM MDT - FARMINGTON — Having made her living throughout her life as a psychiatric nurse, Taya Doro Mitchell says she still feels a little disconcerted when someone refers to her as an artist. Full Story

Farmington artist Michael Darmody opens new show at Studio 116
03/25/2015 02:36 PM MDT - FARMINGTON — As he finished installing his new exhibition "Night Vision" at Studio 116 one evening last week, Michael Darmody had time to find himself a seat, lean back in his chair and consider what he wanted viewers to understand about his work. Full Story

Navajo metal band Under Exile plays at Top Deck in Farmington this weekend
03/25/2015 02:30 PM MDT - FARMINGTON — Every member of the Navajo band Under Exile aside from lead singer Franklin Yazzie has some formal symphonic or jazz band training. Full Story

Nashville Chicks with Hits tour comes to Durango
03/25/2015 02:23 PM MDT - FARMINGTON — Despite appearing in two Broadway shows built around two of the 20th century's biggest outlaws — one figurative, the other literal — SherriĆ© Austin seemed a bit stumped when asked if she had developed an affinity for material celebrating people who don't play by the rules. Full Story

Film featuring all-local cast, crew, locales opens in Farmington April 3
03/18/2015 02:32 PM MDT - FARMINGTON — There's a fine line, Justin Hunt acknowledges, between encouraging people to come see his new film "Far Too Far" and flat-out begging them. Full Story

'People's Choice' exhibition opens three-week run in Farmington
03/18/2015 02:24 PM MDT - FARMINGTON — One of the city's more widely anticipated arts events returns this weekend when the third annual "People's Choice — a unique art exhibit" opens a three-week run at 17 venues scattered across downtown. Full Story

San Juan College math professor plans 'Dance of the Digits' lecture
03/18/2015 02:20 PM MDT - FARMINGTON — Gerald Williams was an undergraduate student studying physics at California State University-Long Beach when he fell in love — with mathematics. Full Story

Durango's Strater Hotel welcomes back ragtime festival
03/18/2015 02:14 PM MDT - FARMINGTON — Ragtime may have a reputation for being a musical relic from the Victorian era, but that dismissive characterization would draw a quick retort from Michelle Thom. Full Story

Police: Idaho man calls 911 a dozen times about bar bill

POST FALLS, Idaho (AP) — Police say a northern Idaho man called 911 a dozen times to report being overcharged at a bar and now faces a $1,000 fine and a year in jail. Full Story
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Turin Egyptian Museum gets overhaul of pharaonic proportions

TURIN, Italy (AP) — For the earliest Egyptologists, a trip to the Egyptian Museum in Turin was considered indispensable. Full Story